Wednesday, September 30, 2009

how many is too many?

Last night while I was reading emails my daughter was watching HGTV.

Anyhow, somehow she saw a commercial for the TV show "Twenty years and twenty Duggars." A biography about the Duggar family who in 20 years have increased their family size to 20 people. I believe that is including the 2 parents but I also heard a rumor their is another baby and now a grand baby on the way.

Well, as she is watching this commercial, out of her sweet little 10 year old mouth, what do I hear...

"They need to get a hobby."

She nailed it, huh? She has no clue why I found her wisdom so damn funny. 

 At some point you have to find something else to do with your free time!

Not now Jim, let's play scrabble.

Are we alone? Is this a little beyond the "let's have a big family" line of thinking? If I had had my way I might have had a couple more curtain climbers but when you are creeping up to 20 kids wouldn't you want to start sneaking birth control pills in with the prenatal vitamins?

I'm just sayin'

Monday, September 21, 2009

play dates

Today as my son walked in the house after school he had a request.

Not wondering what he could have for a snack or if he could play wii.

Nope, my sweet 3rd grader wanted to invite a friend over to play, tomorrow. After determining tomorrow would not work but picking another day that would work. I asked who he wanted to come play. Expecting to hear any number of boys names, I was a little surprised to hear a girls name fall from his mouth. He also wanted to make sure his twin sister would not be able to "hi-jack" his play date. Then came the kicker... "can she spend the night?' Poor little love, he has no idea why his crazy Mom thinks it is not appropriate for his friend to sleep on his top bunk and have pancakes with us in the morning. So sweet and innocent -- that is going to change someday, isn't it? The word play will get dropped from "play-date" then he will just be dating. The playing will also no longer include legos and Nintendo games.

No rush my little man! No rush!

If you have read my blog for any length of time you may remember this... 
This is not a completely new request.

and yes it is the same girl.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

eavesdropping like a good mother should

As I sit here reading a couple blogs I am eavesdropping. Shhh, I do not think they know I am listening.

The neighbor girl, a 7th grader, is telling my daughter when she grows up she is going to be a "ghost hunter". She is heard saying that she will move to Rhode Island and hunt spooky things. Her parents told her that she will need to go to college just in case the ghost huntin' thing does not work out.

Now to think about it, I do not recall seeing Ghost hunting classes on my college class list. I think her career choice might have something to do with watching this show.

Heck, I would be a ghost hunter if I could look like her when I did it. I wonder if cleavage helps hone in on the spirits?

new moon?

Will you see it? Bella annoys me and Edward is a little too anemic looking for my taste, but yes I will see it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Deep Fried what?

Saturday we went to the County fair and saw what there is to see. Our County is a large diverse population of hip suburban folks, rural country folk, and then there is a bunch you may see that look like they just may have pulled up in their van they live in "down by the river". (Anytime I can throw a Chris Farley in there makes me smile a little.)

It is a short one, enjoy!

So back to the fair. You have all been, I am sure, but I thought I would share something we saw. Makes me wonder if this is an American thing or if other parts of the world have the same fascination with deep fat fryers.
I will share a closer look at the menu. 
I asked the kid behind the counter what his favorite menu items were. He said he loves the fried Twinkies for Breakfast and the Krispy Creme Chicken sandwich for lunch and dinner. Yummers, huh? 315 cholesterol reading at the age of 20, maybe?  

 My Nephew could not resist, he is 13. An age that begs to be just a little bit adventurous. They happened to be out of the deep fried alligator, so he had a deep fried twinkie. He let me have a bite, it tasted like a donut, but don't tell him that. That is far too boring!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

pushing up daisies

Excuse my absence but I have been the victim of a crime. Senseless and sticky . The "perp", well the name was Jones. He left me alone and without a means to reach out for help. As I now struggle to scrub the chalk outline from my life, I finally am able to put my story to computer screen.

You see it was a day much like today, well it nearly was today, it was Sunday. A lovely day, a day people love to just enjoy. That is exactly what was happening until Jones came along. One of my "Littles", as my dear friend Linda likes to call her children, was attempting to answer the corded telephone that resides next to our cherished and loved Mac computer. In their haste, a glass holding a Sour Apple JONES Soda was deposited on the keyboard of the computer. FOR SHAME!

Rather then rush and quickly try to stave off damage a phone conversation ensued. Then said child attempted to leave said mess for someone else...I am sure later "Not me" or "I don't know" was going to be blamed for the carnage. The man of the house loves that computer almost as much as I do though, and I think he smelled his future visitations to The Drudge Report and his fantasy football website were being threatened. Words were said, stomping happened, we thought things would be ok-- until an attempt was made to resuscitate type something...anything. The keyboard is dead, the mouse, while she appears to be on life support at the moment. I am afraid at any moment I will need to quickly plan a double funeral.

Monday I visited some of the blogs I could get to without typing anything. Simply using my poor, sick mouse for selfish reasons. I know, I am a deplorable human being. The challenge came when the kids wanted to cook something specific and I needed a recipe to use as the framework. It was not easy, but using my favorites folder and some fancy clicking they got to eat their Norwegian pancakes that they wanted. I felt like a hero for a moment until I remembered to fall out from that little "Jones" problem. Thank goodness the Man of the House remembered we had an ancient keyboard to at least assist until our replacement moves in. Now the waiting begins.

Now what to do with the old one?
Maybe this?

Or this?
Looks like a Chia keyboard to me.

It seems wrong that as I sit here using my Apple computer that the keyboard I am using says Microsoft on the right corner. Thanks Bill, for bailing me out. Damn you deliciously good Sour Apple Jones Soda. I was just commenting how good you would be with a splash of vodka! A marriage made in soda heaven.

I forgive you Jones Soda.