Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life and Death of a Pumpkin...

A video perfect for the holiday...a little spooky for little ones though. Consider yourself warned. It made it so much harder to carve our pumpkins. I should be a liberator instead we scooped out his guts and ate his seeds. They were yummy too!

The kids had no help on there pumpkin designs. Megan and Elise designed and carved their own pumpkins. Trevor drew out his design but needed some help getting it carved. He was a little disappointed Mom was not talented enough to carve the words "The Temple of Doom" on the tombstones...maybe next year?! I better get my act together!

My new favorite pumpkin cleaning tool!
A metal ice cream scoop. Where have you been all my life?

A lot of concentration

A ghost flying out of a tombstone

Traditional with the word "HI" carved in his mouth

Very green and with a giant smile!

I've learned there are three things you don't discuss with people: religion, politics and
the Great Pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm out of my Gourd! But you all new that was the case...

Pumpkins, corn, carmel apples and pictures...! We hit the Bob's Corn festivities this weekend. Corn maze and pumpkin patch Ho-down. We had fun finding that perfect pumpkin and attempting to maneuver thru a 10 acre maze of corn. Grandma, Papa and Brea and her lovelies joined us for a great weather accommodating afternoon. Avery picked herself a tiny pumpkin (although I am pretty sure it was a squash) I think Caleb ended up with the largest -- Megan gave him a run for his money! We have a rule that really makes it easier for the parents... You have to be able to carry your own pumpkin and scoop it out yourself! It certainly makes them think twice about a 50 pound pumpkin...especially since Trevor only weighs 54 pounds himself! Although he will see he picked a pumpkin that was pretty big!

Enjoy the pictures... there is also a link to a slideshow of more if you are interested.

From Bob's Corn 10/19/08

From Bob's Corn 10/19/08

From Bob's Corn 10/19/08

From Bob's Corn 10/19/08

Monday, October 20, 2008

14 days and counting...

Hi all I will not pontificate on how you should vote. I believe that we all have the right to make up our own minds and not belittle anyone or make them feel like they cannot discuss what they believe to be true. I also believe-- we all believe-- we are in a mess of hurt right now due to poor decisions made by many. The best thing I can do is research and explore why my candidate is the right choice not why the other one is wrong.

So come on...get mad if you have to... Vote however you feel you need to! Make your voice be heard loud and clear!

Decisions are made by those who show up.
- Aaron Sorkin

Thursday, October 9, 2008

an afternoon in the life...

Broke out the camera today! Check it out...

Elise today...finally not a canned smile.

Megan having some chill time before hitting the homework! I am stunned at how much homework they all have. Keep in mind Trevor and Elise are in 2nd grade. Megan is in 4th grade. HOMEWORK EVERYDAY! Crazy!

Trevor chowing on a homemade cookie...can you tell Mom had the day off? Gee, you can really see all the fingerprints on his glasses in a picture! Better remedy that...

Have you ever seen these?

They are so cute! Do you know what they are?

They are tiny little Kiwis that aren't ripe yet. You eat them skin and all like a grape...we love them! Probably not something we will buy frequently since they are a little expensive but we had to try them! Next time I think we will try Kumquats.