Friday, August 28, 2009

blogging Rocks, product reviews come disguised as presents.

Recently I was offered the chance to review Blue Sky Scrubs . No requirements were made that I had to only say nice things-sharing my true opinion was encouraged. As I sit here though, I cannot help but hear my Mother saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". I promise to be honest with y'all, ok.

I am a Nurse, when I am not at home wrangling my kids. Although when I work it seems like a lot of what I do at home -- just MUCH bigger kids. Patients whine, they cry, they occasionally throw tantrums, they lie, they hug. I recently have even seen one of my patients on the cover of a national newspaper for committing a heinous crime. That was quite a surprise with my morning coffee! I think I am safe from the HIPAA police since I did not share the crime or patients name, as much as I wanted too...

Anyhow, comfort in my field is crucial. I kind of feel sorry for those of you that have to wear clothes to work uniform is as comfortable as my pajamas. Seriously. The product I get to review is a new, fancy pair of scrubs. I ordered them and they were on my porch within 2 days. Packaged like a present from your favorite Aunt. Tissue paper, a box with a lid, and embossed card! Gorgeous! A little more then I usually would spend-but also better quality then anything else I own.

See I told you, FANCY!

They even threw in a ponytail scrub hat bonus. Megan offered to model for me.

I like the style. This particular fabric is a little too Amish schoolgirl for me though. They did have tons of great crazy fun fabrics I love though.

I am not sure about the stitching on the pockets though...looks a little like the Christian fish thing to me. On darker fabrics it is pretty prevalent. It works on the light colors though.

Yep, that is a close up of my breast. See the beauty of scrubs...loose and comfy! Totally androgynous, wouldn't you say?

My one complaint besides the fish on the pockets is the lack of pants pockets. I am a hoarder at work. I keep many of my work supplies at arms reach in my cargo pockets of my pants. Scissors, no need to go find them--I got a pair. Mini notebook to jot down something before it leaves my head--yep I got that too. Pens--yep got a few, seems when I put them in my breast pocket they fall out every time I bend over. These pants, unfortunately lack pockets other then the ones that are on my butt. Have you sat on scissors lately? I do not recommend that. I still love them, it just makes them a little less then ideal.

Do to my recent surgery the most action my scrubs have seen is this--

When I do go back to work my Blue Sky Scrubs will fall into rotation nicely.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

do I look hysterical to you?

I eluded to the fact that I had spent some time in the hospital recently. I was vague--intentionally. Mainly because I have had narcotics running through my veins and putting any rational thoughts together were... well, beyond my abilities.

So today I sit here, having only had one vicodin with my morning latte. Fairly cognoscente and feeling minimal pain. I thought I would share something I learned in nursing school that is now relevant to me. It involves Greek history in some ways and just how much we have learned over the years.

This might be time when my couple of occasional male readers can the hit the back button and head back to where they came from. They may not find the following facts as funny as those of us with "birthin'" parts.

Interesting tidbit here, the surgery where you remove a woman's uterus is called a hysterectomy a marriage of the word for hysteria and "ectomy" which means to remove. Coincidence? The Greeks and their root words, hysteria is derived from the Greek word for uterus! Seriously.

It seems in the days of old, the uterus was a mysterious thing. When women started to act a bit wacky they referred to that as hysteria or being hysterical. Plato actually believed the uterus was an animal that lived in women only to become pregnant. If it did not become pregnant it could become a rogue assassin traveling around the ladies body making her into a head case or "hysterical".

My how we have progressed.

My little procedure was not done to relieve my hysteria-I will probably have episodes that would make Plato shake his head every once and a while. Endometriosis was a major contributor in my case, it was kicking my ass. I am glad to be starting fresh even though, now when they do a bladder scan, I was told they have to tell the machine I am now a man. I have missing "girl parts"now, you see. Lucky me?! Good thing I do not have any body issues with my little surgery.

Can I share another little root word trivia.
The word orchid comes from the Greek word "orchis", testicle. They named an entire group of flowers after male anatomy! Women are crazy and men are flowers.

Hmmmm... Go figure!

Monday, August 17, 2009

recovery sucks!

I gotta tell you recovering from surgery is no fun!

I am on a self imposed hiatus. Partly because, back in June I thought it would be smart to take a math class this summer...even though I was spending a week camping with boyscouts, a week vacationing with family and then having surgery 10 days before the final was to occur. So now as I hobble about cursing myself and holding my stomach - I also need to study my arse off to try to pass this thing so as to not tank my GPA. It really limits the amount of narcotic cocktails I can serve myself!

Wish me luck. My final is Thursday. I think by Friday I will be back here hollering about something.


On a side note, yesterday my other half and I snuck off to watch Julie and Julia...I think I am in love! Now I need to find her books so I can also become a good cook like my favorite good cook! Between her and Julia my family could eat better then we definitely should!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my favorite Blogger...

Well she is my MOM, you know. Love ya all-- but without her I would be a nada! I feel blessed beyond words to have the Mom I do.

Stop by and wish her happy birthday!

She deserves a bunch of these today!

And hugs by the millions!

A feast prepared by the greatest chefs in the world!

I will be returning to blogging soon. I recently spent a few days in the hospital and am just not back to my good old self yet! I have missed visiting you all so much! Please excuse me as I am going to take a narcotic cocktail and take a nap! See ya soon!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

does this stimulate you?

So, I disappeared on ya. Did ya notice? Probably not... see we had this super secret plan for my Husbands parents 50th Wedding anniversary. It involved a trip down to the Bay Area of California and then a few days at Lake Tahoe. I could not udder a word of it here because occasionally my Ma-in-law pops over and reads about some of my crazy antics. DARN! So I up and left ya, all 5 of you that come here regularly. Thanks for coming back!

Anyhow, while we were in Tahoe we decided a trip to Reno was in order. Play a slot or two, check out this "Hot August Nights" thing going on, walk the streets looking for derelicts to know the deal. We took Little Man with us so he would be able to say he had been to Nevada. One more State in his tiny list of places he has been. Something for him to write about when he goes back to school. I imagine, even though we only spent 20 minutes in one casino, it will read something like this.

"For summer vacation I went to Reno and had ice cream while my mom played slots. My Uncle won big money but Mom and Dad only lost their money. I saw a lot of old ladies my Dad said must have been kicked out of the Brothel, whatever that is. They looked like they forgot to put on their bras and needed to brush their teeth."

That my friend, is how you win the Mom of the Year award!

As we were walking I happened across a sign that shows Reno's take on the Stimulus plan might be a little different then Obama's.

Hey, whatever works. Right?