Friday, August 28, 2009

blogging Rocks, product reviews come disguised as presents.

Recently I was offered the chance to review Blue Sky Scrubs . No requirements were made that I had to only say nice things-sharing my true opinion was encouraged. As I sit here though, I cannot help but hear my Mother saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". I promise to be honest with y'all, ok.

I am a Nurse, when I am not at home wrangling my kids. Although when I work it seems like a lot of what I do at home -- just MUCH bigger kids. Patients whine, they cry, they occasionally throw tantrums, they lie, they hug. I recently have even seen one of my patients on the cover of a national newspaper for committing a heinous crime. That was quite a surprise with my morning coffee! I think I am safe from the HIPAA police since I did not share the crime or patients name, as much as I wanted too...

Anyhow, comfort in my field is crucial. I kind of feel sorry for those of you that have to wear clothes to work uniform is as comfortable as my pajamas. Seriously. The product I get to review is a new, fancy pair of scrubs. I ordered them and they were on my porch within 2 days. Packaged like a present from your favorite Aunt. Tissue paper, a box with a lid, and embossed card! Gorgeous! A little more then I usually would spend-but also better quality then anything else I own.

See I told you, FANCY!

They even threw in a ponytail scrub hat bonus. Megan offered to model for me.

I like the style. This particular fabric is a little too Amish schoolgirl for me though. They did have tons of great crazy fun fabrics I love though.

I am not sure about the stitching on the pockets though...looks a little like the Christian fish thing to me. On darker fabrics it is pretty prevalent. It works on the light colors though.

Yep, that is a close up of my breast. See the beauty of scrubs...loose and comfy! Totally androgynous, wouldn't you say?

My one complaint besides the fish on the pockets is the lack of pants pockets. I am a hoarder at work. I keep many of my work supplies at arms reach in my cargo pockets of my pants. Scissors, no need to go find them--I got a pair. Mini notebook to jot down something before it leaves my head--yep I got that too. Pens--yep got a few, seems when I put them in my breast pocket they fall out every time I bend over. These pants, unfortunately lack pockets other then the ones that are on my butt. Have you sat on scissors lately? I do not recommend that. I still love them, it just makes them a little less then ideal.

Do to my recent surgery the most action my scrubs have seen is this--

When I do go back to work my Blue Sky Scrubs will fall into rotation nicely.


Scrappy Doo said...

as a fellow healthcare employee you do know The HIPPA POLICE ARE ALWAYS LURKING LOL!
what scrubs don't have pockets????
Cargo pockets are a must!
I like the color.
and the hat is to die for! :-) I bet there would be fights in the Amish school yard for that one.
Have a great day!

jenjen said...

That scrub outfit is pretty! I wish I could wear scrubs all day long. How comfy!

I also like that hat/ponytail contraption. Very clever. You are going to be so stylish!


Meeko Fabulous said...

My favorite pajamas just so happen to be scrub bottoms. Comfy, comfy, comfy. :)

Captain Dumbass said...

I wish I could wear pj's all day long.


I need to get a job.

The Good Cook said...

Tamis - I love these "clothes"... they look very much like my Chef Clothes...

Now, why don't you write to Blue Sky Scrubs and tell them exactly what you told us??? Tell them you would be happy to wear the new prototype (with pockets)...

I also love the hat - I have to wear something on my head when cooking for clients - sweat and hair and food. Not a combo you want to think about...

Anyway, I'm serious about writing to Blue Sky Scrubs - you totally need to do that!!!

Say you will??? They would be thrilled to get some feedback from a professional.


Ps. I'm dying to hear about the psycho patient. Damn HIPAA.

trash talk said...

Could I just say I'm in the medical profession so I could get to wear scrubs?
There used to be a company called Seat Covers that made the greatest cotton "sweatsuit" style clothes. I think I owned every color available until they were no longer sold. Scrubs remind me of these. I lived in them and hated when I outgrew them!
You should really send them the feedback you are receiving as well as your opinion. I think it sounds like fun to get to rant or rave.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

they look pretty good to me.. I like the comfort appeal.. though I think you are right.. pockets seem somewhat important. Not only do you not run with scissors, you do not poke your self in the tush with them..

I think Megan looked very cute in her Amish hat :)

Debbie said...

The stitching really reminds me of some older jeans. Nice scrubs.

arukind said...

I think they look pretty cool, love the color. I'll have to check them out for myself!

Anonymous said...


LiLu said...

Don't. Have... POCKETS?! What are they trying to do to you? It seems like that would obviously be a necessity. They are cute though!

Ali said...

They look comfy, the hat is so cute! Yeah, they should look into adding some more pockets, I know my sis would have appreciated that, she is a (non working) nurse lol.

Tamis said...

Scrappy- HIPAA people better not lurk here. I broke no rules--unfortunately for you all!

Jen-I do love my scrubs. In the morning it is like putting on a fresh pair of jammies.

Meeko-well worn scrubs make super comfy jammies!

Cpatain Dumb Ass-Get a job? Now what fun would that be for people that like reading your blog. Unless you get better material then spidey walking on the ceiling.

Linda-I have noticed that chef pants are pretty comfy looking too!
I so wish I could share the story about my crazy patient. Lets just say my brief encounter will live with me forever.

Debbie-Seat Covers? What a great name for a line of leisure wear! The benefit with my scrubs is that at least it looks like I have a job. Although on occassion I have worn my scrubs simply cause I had not done the laundry.

Jan-She does look cute in the hat, cuter then I did unfortunately!

Debbie-I agree about the stitching, I don't love it but think the intent was to funk them up a little. I just wish it did not look like a fish!

Brea-They are super comfy, check them out. Maybe pockets will come in later styles.

YaYa-Thanks for popping over!

Mary K Brennan said...

I am not a nurse, but I'll tell you, those things look comfy. Wouldn't mind lounging in a pair all day.

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