Monday, August 17, 2009

recovery sucks!

I gotta tell you recovering from surgery is no fun!

I am on a self imposed hiatus. Partly because, back in June I thought it would be smart to take a math class this summer...even though I was spending a week camping with boyscouts, a week vacationing with family and then having surgery 10 days before the final was to occur. So now as I hobble about cursing myself and holding my stomach - I also need to study my arse off to try to pass this thing so as to not tank my GPA. It really limits the amount of narcotic cocktails I can serve myself!

Wish me luck. My final is Thursday. I think by Friday I will be back here hollering about something.


On a side note, yesterday my other half and I snuck off to watch Julie and Julia...I think I am in love! Now I need to find her books so I can also become a good cook like my favorite good cook! Between her and Julia my family could eat better then we definitely should!


Scrappy Doo said...

OMG! feel better soon and the timing of the math class sounds like something I would do
I want to see the movie but Critter does not care for Mrs.Streep so no lucj in getting him to go :-{


Meeko Fabulous said...

Didn't you simply love that movie? I'm working on a review for my blog. :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Hoping that you feel better soon!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see Julie and Julia.

jenjen said...

I just ordered Julia's cookbook along with her Life in Paris book and the book that the movie was based on.

It was a great movie, don't you think? Have a wonderful week!


The Good Cook said...

Tamis, first, best of luck with that final. I'll pray to the math gods to go easy on you!

Second - hey you... thank you for the shout out. You are a dear... guess I'll have to post some extra special, yummy recovery recipes for you. (not to be made while you're recouping.. only after).

TBHITW and I watched Julia Child's PBS Show The French Chef last night, the potato episode.. I'll post the recipes from that soon - but first, this is so purely Julia, she was deep fat frying and she advised, (say this in her high pitch)

"You should keep small children, kooks and nuts out of the kitchen when you are working with hot oil"..

LOLOLOL.. if it weren't for children, kooks and nuts, no one would BE in my kitchen!

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

I am so glad you are feeling better...and am not surprised you bit of f more than you can chew.. what is new???

Love...Mom :)

trash talk said...

I'm here just checking up on you. First, how did the class go...did you ace it?
Second, how are you feeling?
Take two limoncellos and call me in the morning!
They say lemons are good for everything, right?

Susan Campbell Cross said...

I think it's very brave of you to take a math class (on purpose!). I have always done all I could to avoid math like the plague! I hope you recover quickly from your surgery. It is never easy to "keep down" when you have a family and a full life!

I also loved Julie & Julia--it really made me want to cook AND eat...everything looked delicious! It also made me even more determined to get my book finished. What a great and inspiring movie!