Thursday, August 6, 2009

does this stimulate you?

So, I disappeared on ya. Did ya notice? Probably not... see we had this super secret plan for my Husbands parents 50th Wedding anniversary. It involved a trip down to the Bay Area of California and then a few days at Lake Tahoe. I could not udder a word of it here because occasionally my Ma-in-law pops over and reads about some of my crazy antics. DARN! So I up and left ya, all 5 of you that come here regularly. Thanks for coming back!

Anyhow, while we were in Tahoe we decided a trip to Reno was in order. Play a slot or two, check out this "Hot August Nights" thing going on, walk the streets looking for derelicts to know the deal. We took Little Man with us so he would be able to say he had been to Nevada. One more State in his tiny list of places he has been. Something for him to write about when he goes back to school. I imagine, even though we only spent 20 minutes in one casino, it will read something like this.

"For summer vacation I went to Reno and had ice cream while my mom played slots. My Uncle won big money but Mom and Dad only lost their money. I saw a lot of old ladies my Dad said must have been kicked out of the Brothel, whatever that is. They looked like they forgot to put on their bras and needed to brush their teeth."

That my friend, is how you win the Mom of the Year award!

As we were walking I happened across a sign that shows Reno's take on the Stimulus plan might be a little different then Obama's.

Hey, whatever works. Right?


Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Did you cover little Trevor's eyes?? Oh my! You really split because you did not want to deal with over 100 degree weather!!!

The Good Cook said...

I LOVE the "what I did on my summer vacation"... I would vote for you for Mother of the Year - I mean where else are they supposed to learn this stuff??

Glad you're back.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Glad you're back Tamis! I'm jealous! I've never been to Reno or Lake Tahoe. I'm going to have to add them on my list of things to do.

I think it's hilarious that the captcha below says 'deadabs'. LOL!!!

trash talk said...

It doesn't do much for my stimulation, but I don't dare let Cat Daddy see it. I've got him convinced all women look like me under their clothes!

Ali said...

And here comes the number 5! I am a bit behind in my blog visiting, seems I just can't catch up lately. What a billboard that is, wow! That is too funny. And I love the summer vacation story, thats great! Hey, I still need to make you a button! I will get on =)

The Rudy Family said...

Just visiting from the blogfrog I am a mom and nurse too! I own books on order and have none as well. Nice to meet your blog!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Steve and I can honestly say that does not stimulate us.

Anonymous said...

Trying again to do this blog thing. Guess I'll try a "b" tag or something this time. Yeah, this is "Ma-In-Law" popping in 'cause I just have to say something after that BIG secret "something" y'all did! That was really crazy special guys! How in the wide world did you keep such a secret so long? I think Tamis said she told the kids they were forbidden to answer the phone for a couple of weeks before the event of our 50th. I was kind of wondering if Michael was on phone duty for some reason.... Usually Megan or Elise get the #1 sprinting award in answering the phone! We do have THE MOST WONDERFUL FAMILY IN THE WORLD! THEY ARE THE GREATEST! We all, and I think I can say for all, had a most special fabulous once in a lifetime family time together. One of our most cherished memories is the "Chain of love" many many fond memories attached in a big long paper chain that each member wrote several messages on. It is hanging in The Barnacle where we all have so many growing up memories! Also, the foot prints of each and every family member - 13 without Oma and Opa. Decorated by the kids. Hope we all have so many many more fun times together. You are special!
Hugs and loves, Oma and Opa
P.S. Trevor won the fishing derby - the best fisherman, the biggest fish, the most fish and the first fish!