Tuesday, July 28, 2009

do you know what a miracle looks like?

Let me show you!

Funny how you make friends in the most unreal ways. My blog friend Debbie at Talking Trash has held an actual MIRACLE in her hands, she is her Granddaughter. Sweet baby above Bella could not wait to meet everyone and showed up at the party better then 4 months early. Check her out. There is word on the street that she is actually going to be headed home soon, how lucky for her Mom and Dad.

Part of today's festivities are that I also am supposed to post a baby picture, let me tell you what a heartbreak that is. My computer had a terminal illness in 2006/07 that terminated many of my images...heart breaker I know. Best thing is I have the original subjects so I will just have to figure out how to get them off my old external hard drive. Thank god for that.

The best I can offer you is a baby picture of our dog...crazy huh?! Because let me tell you my babies were darn cute too! Someday I will get those on my computer and make you come look at them, ok?

So if you don't mind I will sip on a pretty pink cocktail and enjoy this "virtual Baby Shower" for the little Preemie-Dona known as Bella!


trash talk said...

There is only one word for that baby...AAAWWW!!! My baby Jakie used to do that. Whenever we were packing for a trip he would crawl into the suitcase...I guess so we wouldn't leave him behind!
Thank you so much for all your sweet words. I have spent the best part of today laughing and crying, but isn't that I'm suppossed to do at a shower?
Thanks for humoring an old lady!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Aww! I can almost smell the puppy breath from here. Sweet! ~Mindy

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What a beautiful baby! It's amazing how well even the super early birds can do these days!

There are ways to retrieve info from an old hard drive. You can do it yourself or you can be lazy like me and pay Best Buy $99 to do it for ya. LOL.

David said...

Not to take away from the puppy, but the kiddo pictures on your sidebar are really cute!

The Good Cook said...

Hello Bella - Welcome to the world you little minx. Coming early like that probably gave everyone quite the scare. Now you behave little girl. Grow up big and strong and no more tricks!!!

Beautiful post Tamis. I am heading over to Trash Talk's now to congratulate a new "Nani" - that's what my grandlittles call me and each and everyone of them are blessings.

ps. That is one cute dog.

Meeko Fabulous said...

She was ahead of the game! Good for her. She will get far in life. :) Cheers to the cute baby!

angelina said...

K so that baby is so cute! Ali was here yesterday and I wanted to just squeeze his cheeks!!!!! he was soo funny! what is it about a baby that is so fascinating?

Did you get the package?!

LiLu said...

Congrats! I LOVE the name Bella, so old-school romantic.