Thursday, July 2, 2009

Has it been that long already?

My invite came but I am avoiding the party.

I hated high school. My boyfriends were older or attended other schools, most of my friends were at another school.

Why do I need to go back and try to pretend to be something I am not?

How many of you attend your reunions?


Anonymous said...

Do you know, I have never attended a reunion - not because I didn't want to, but because there has always been something else going on at the time. I always thought that a reunion would be fun, but clearly I don't make that huge of an effort to attend!
Loved the big hair era! Odd that one went away ;)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I went to my 10th and 20th, but only because a good friend said she would only attend if I did. It wasn't bad. It wasn't great. I did enjoy seeing SOME people. The Evil Twin will not attend ANY of his HS reunions. To each their own...

Gina said...

Hi, I'm Gina. I came across your blog via CJane.

I remember school with mixed feelings. I think I was shy "back then" and have grown more comfortable with who I am since. I don't know if attending a reunion would bring back insecurities or make me proud of how much more confident I have become? Funnily enough there is talk of a reunion next month in Ireland but I live in Australia now so I don't have to make the choice. The family budget has made it for me! I will look forward to hearing the gossip via the grapevine...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. You write with a witty tongue!

trash talk said...

I didn't go to any of mine simply because I didn't want to be in a barn in the middle of July eating hot dogs. Not my idea of a fun time...and defintly not a great photo op. I think not going is like not going to your may regret it later. Look at it as an opportunity to show them how much better you look than them!
P.S. I love the smell of aqua net in the morning!