Friday, July 17, 2009


I am taking part in Blessed Country Moms new Friday Peekaboo Friday--Mostly because I injured myself and I need a day to recoup before I join the living... Just wait for the story-it's a doosy! In the mean time enjoy my peek-a-boo picture of my Mega-Moo.


JAN'S PLACE said...

ahhh what a cutie!

Ali said...

Aww that is great, she is too cute! Thanks for joining in, I hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful weekend =)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely shot!

Are you okay? Can't wait to hear your doosy of a story! (By the way...I love words like "doosy." They make me smile.)

The Good Cook said...

Injured? Oh no... can't wait to hear the story - and I'm with Audrey, doosy is a cool word.

Your daughter is a cutie!

Banteringblonde said...

uh oh ... hope you are ok! great pic!

trash talk said...

You know I love the word my attenton. Injured also got it!
That's where I'm going to land one of these jail!