Friday, July 24, 2009

Find me Friday

I am partaking in Ali's "Find me Friday". She is the sweetest girl that just lost the most amazing pup in a unfortunate turn of events. My thoughts are with her, funny how we become so attached to our animals. My family suffered a heartbreaking loss a couple weeks ago of the most amazing cat EVER! I think we are just finally starting to hold ourselves together a little more. It sure hurts though.

So back to the point of this post-
So recently we tool a Ferry ride over to the Washington Peninsula to visit the newest cousin in the family! While the ferry was docking we noticed this on the piers.

Can you see what it is?

Look at this one...

or this one...

Yup those anoying birds that try to steal your food as you are having a picnic on the beach. As it turns out baby seagulls are spotted and very cute. This Mama had 3 we could see in her nest.

I am going to share a few more so bare with me, once I started looking I had a few more I wanted to post

Our Gracie Bleu that mysteriously disappeared 2 weeks ago.

Trevor's helmet with Trevor hiding beind it. When I tell you he is da bomb, I mean it!

What a crazy hat Megan is wearing in this picture from a couple summers ago. Looks a little like Davie Crockets raccoon skin hat. But is it a hat, nooooooo.

Nope it is just Aunties Havenese Puppy Jack Jack. All this cuteness and he dances too!


arukind said...

Oh little Jack was so dang cute, love the photo of Gracie too! So sad.

The Good Cook said...


Thanks for the pictures of the baby gulls. I have never seen a baby gull before. Honest.

So sorry to hear about Gracie. Loosing a pet is just awful.
I thought (at first) your daughter had the cat on her head! Thank goodness you wrote it was a hat..

Your son is adorable. Love the helmet!

I'm checking out smitten kitchen...

Ali said...

Hi Tamis! Thank you so much for your kind comment and I am so sorry about you losing your cat. It is just pretty crappy isn't it. She is so beautiful. Thanks so much for joing in this week, I love your photos. The one with the helmet and the dog hat made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that =)

Meeko Fabulous said...

Hi Tamis. Cute pics. I'm so sorry about your cat. :( I'm not allowed to get a kitty . . . Argh. But I have Kujo and Kojac to keep me busy so I suppose I don't need another pet, right? LOL

Anja said...

your find me friday pics are felicitous. so so cute.