Monday, July 20, 2009

Dust yourself and get back on that pony

I previously shared that I had injured myself just a little bit. If your squeamish better leave now! There is no blood but it is a little ugly.

Here is how it happened-

The other half was monkeying around with the little trail/dirt bike he has. Giving the kids rides and having some good old fun! I heard some words of confidence in my riding abilities-mind you before he purchased this bike I never drove anything with two wheels faster then I could peddle! I had boyfriends before with motorcycles but never did more then sit on the back and enjoy the ride.

I gave it a whirl...I was having fun!

I even got up my confidence and went a little faster and further then I have before. I was a natural!
I would like to travel through time to talk to who ever designed motorcycles.

Why is the throttle right next to the brake?

Because maybe some moron, who has no business sitting her arse on one, might in a moment of panic confuse the two.
It could happen!
When you start to fall you should not have to remember that the gas is next to the brake! I present the proof that I forgot. I would NEVER post a picture of myself in a swimsuit here but with you I will share my road rash!

day 3--love that shade of purple, how about you? Yup, it is giant, I suppose swelling is to be expected. Damn! Knee sprained too-ouch!

Lessons learned
  1. Always wear a helmet, I am glad I did not have a headache to go with my limp
  2. Throttle is on the right hand grip...oh yeah, the brake is around there somewhere too
  3. Fall down far away from the rest of your people, that way no pictures will exist of actual fall-so glad!
  4. Make sure the kids see your giant "owies" so next time they have a tiny sliver you can remind them how tough you are-then offer to amputate their foot. That always works!
  5. Always get back on one more time after a fall-who wants the last time you did anything be the time you wiped out. I did and am glad-it hurt but I am glad.

  6. ** correction: my husband has advised me the brake I was supposed to use was by my right foot. Apparently the one by my hand is a secondary brake for the front wheel. I think his telling me this has now assured I will never ride it again. At least my car only has one brake for me to make it stop! **


The Good Cook said...


I agree, the flaw is in the design, not you! Glad to see you were wearing a helmut and congrat's for dusting yourself off and doing just one more time. You taught your kids a great lesson - even though you probably wished you hadn't.

:-) - Feel better!!!

Anja said...

Oh my gosh, what are you doing? The wounds look exciting. Get well soon Tamis. I DO NOT say "thanks for sharing". ;-)

Meeko Fabulous said...

Tamis! You make me look like a wus! Kudos to you! I am vertically challenged as it is sometimes . . . I can't imagine trying to get on one of those!

trash talk said...

Good witnesses! When you find out why the brake is by the throttle, ask why the gears shift by foot! Shouldn't it be one handle-gas, one handle-shift, foot-brake? Maybe that makes too much sense and sense men designed them...well you get the picture!
My sister drove a Honda thru our garage door in the same way!
Your road rash made even my teeth hurt!

Ali said...

Ouch! And I was complaining because I barely twisted my ankle coming out our side door on the barn (the ground has eroded away a bit so there is a bit of a step down). I hope you feel better soon!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

OMG, bless your heart, that looks soooo painful!! Had gash one on my outside hip a few months back... My lesson, NEVER stand on the tip of your pants leg when trying to pull your pants up from using the bathroom. Yep fell right over and nabbed my hip on the corner of the shower room molding!! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I have to become a follower, love your atories, hope you feel better soon! Tootles, Janna

Becky said...

Looks painful... hope you are on the mend!

angelina said...

OH MY GOODNESS! WOW!!! My leg really hurts looking at that! I am so glad you are ok otherwise......said a prayer for fast healing....:)

JAN'S PLACE said...

Oh my gosh, at least you got a great post out of that ordeal!!!!!!

Poor baby, can I bring you some chicken soup? Oh, wait that is for the flu, never mind.

Love MOM