Tuesday, July 21, 2009

no cake for me, thanks

When I was in nursing school I had a valuable opportunity to visit an actual cadaver lab at the Bastyr College. How amazing it was to see the actual operating system of a real human body. Those images live with me even still. Although not in only positive ways. After that experience I developed a huge intolerance for certain foods. Things that look a little too much like the meat we all carry with us all the time. Certain things I will not eat at all. Other things I can eat-- if I do not prepare it and have to handle the uncooked product. One of my friends from school is a vegetarian even still after that experience.

I am finding I have this thing in my head that once I have a negative image associated with something it is hard to want to ingest it.

Which leads me to this, certainly I cannot be the only one with this idiosyncrasy.

But really, who would make a cake that looks like this?

I know it is a cake but I think I would hurl if somebody offered me this as a token of my Birthday celebration. I feel bad posting it on my blog for you to see, but I promise it is a cake...would you eat a piece?

I found this photo on one of my favorite recipe sites All Recipes

But if you want the recipe for this cake just click on the words kitty litter cake below the picture. If you make it--you are sick and disgusting, just so you know! But please take no offense to that because I really tend to like sick and disgusting people, they make me laugh a lot.


Meeko Fabulous said...

That is foul. I certainly would decline a piece of cat s#$% pie. LOL

The Good Cook said...

OMG - that is disgusting... LOLOL.. who would make such a thing, where did you find this??

Many years ago my dad made a flower pot pie. It was something like chocolate pudding with crushed up Oreo Cookies on top to look like dirt. He even stuck silk flowers in it. It was a joke for my birthday. It actually looked cute but I still would not eat it!

Cat $hit cake - no thanks!

Good Post.

The Good Cook said...

ps. I was sooo worried you were going to post pictures of undigested meat... LOL.. thank you for the Cat Litter Cake instead.

Tamis said...

Meeko-great minds I say...although 2 of my 3 kids said they would eat it...YUCK!

Linda-I would not be that cruel to you. I linked to the recipe if you click on kitty litter cake in the post. I had heard of it but had no clue it was so popular--YUCK! Cat $#*% cake will not pass these lips!

trash talk said...

I can't even say cat s#$% without wanting to hurl! You need to send this to Cake Wrecks.
You know how you see some things that are so ugly they are cute...this doesn't even fall into that category. Hey, I just made a pun...CAT-e-GORY, get it? Sometimes I even crack me up!

angelina said...

First of all, if someone was bringing this to my house id give them the wrong address, second, it just reminds me of the people who argue about cleaning out the litter box so their whole house smells like one....PUKE!!

And who makes this in their KITCHEN???? YIKES!!

Becky said...

LOL!!! That is hilarious!!!
Thank you for my laugh of the day!
Love & Light~
OM girl

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ewww. I will watch zit popping videos all day, but I would never touch that cake. TOO nasty!

JAN'S PLACE said...

ewh!!!! Don't you dare make that cake for my B'Day!

The Renaissance Chick said...

Okay, I got to tell you that this cake is too funny! It is totally gross, but I will probably make it! My son bought my daughter-in-law a new kitty to replace her recently expired long time cat. Truth is, the daughter-in-law didn't want another cat and there is a family feud going on! I think this cake will be so appropriate! Will let you know how it goes! Thanks!


The Good Cook said...

Malisa sounds like my kind of girl. Wicked good sense of humor.

I would make this cake for her daughter-in-law and just drop it on the doorstep.

Tamis, you really struck a chord with this post!!

arukind said...

One of the girls over at Gamma knife made this cake every year. It most definitely looked like the real thing but tasted real good(and yes, I even tried a piece).