Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's give this a try...

I was thinking this might be a nice way to share information about our lives with our loved ones. Although we are not always exciting, we certainly do not always have a chance to share the little things with everyone. Maybe with a little dedication on my part we can make this fly.

So on this day I will share that the sun is shining and it finally feels like spring has sprung! I am having a hard time expressing that we are not watching any movies today because maybe next week there will be six more inches of SNOW! Outside to play and enjoy a little extra vitamin D. Fingers are crossed here that we can avoid one more burst of crazy winter weather.

Enjoy this day!

Live a little,
Learn a little,
Give a little,
Take a little,
Feel a little,
Touch a little.
Always remember a little goes a long way.

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