Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cub Scouts, Cub Scouts EVERYWHERE!

We have had so many adventures lately. This week the kids and I went camping from Sunday until Thursday at Flowing Lake in Snohomish while Trevor attended Cub Scout day camp. With the cost of fuel and the early arrive time we opted to rent a camp site and stay on sight for the duration. There were 202 cub scouts from all over the county in attendance. It was quite and adventure. The girls spent time in "tag-a-long" camp with siblings since I volunteered to wrangle cub scouts. By the time we got back to our camp site and ate dinner it seemed like it was time for bed so we could do it again!

Michael came up Wednesday night for what we thought would be a nice relaxing fun night... Boy where we wrong! Michael brought the kids scooters with him because the park we were staying in was paved and quite a distance to get around. We have unfortunately been pretty lax on helmets with scooters before now because how can a kid hurt themselves doing something only slightly more complicated then running. Kids run all the time and do not wear helmets! While my attitude has changed now. Trevor was chasing some friends on his scooter when went head over the handle bars. Megan came running to get me. When I saw him standing there I thought all was well. He was crying but standing up---how bad can it be? Then he turned and looked at me. He had a lump on his right temple the size of a GOLF BALL! The nurse in my disappeared and the Mom in me came roaring to the front for a couple minutes. After we got him back to the camp site and immediately got ice on it the nurse came back. Then it got exciting... Trevor started asking what happened. He was not remembering that he even had a scooter or that he had been riding it. RED FLAGS started popping up. He was very adamant that he did not have a scooter at camp. That is when we started getting really concerned. He had lost a block of about 20 minutes before the fall.

Were were headed to the ER when our pediatricians office called and said we could stay if we would wake him every three hours and keep a really close eye on him for at least 24 hours. He did not like that waking every three hours and being asked all these dumb questions and having his eyes looked at -- but we made it with a story to tell. I think I have become a helmet advocate now for scooters too! They now know if they are riding on anything other than grass a helmet is on their little noggin'! Today we are off to buy some nice new helmets to help enforce that rule !

I am happy to report that aside from road rash on his right side -- all is well with Mr. Trev. The swelling on his head went down really quickly and he is just barely even bruised there. He finished his day camp experience, had a blast and is already planning for next year! Yippeee!

So my words of advice... Wear a helmet, protect that noggin'! I am now going to be one of those annoying Mom's that say..."NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELMET".

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
~Albert Einstein

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