Sunday, November 23, 2008


We recently undertook a complete fall cleaning since we had skipped the spring cleaning for well...several years at least. Anyhow it went something like this ---> empty all the treasures out of the kids rooms into my hallway. Clean and thoroughly vacuum the carpets. Then rearrange the room and pray, plead and beg that it remains nice and neat. Well what did we end up with...besides some asthma and very full garbage cans, a brief glimmer of tidiness. They all love the "idea" of a clean room. Just not much interest in keeping it that way.

Image my surprise when I was looking at the hallway mess and spotted this... look at the bottom left corner of the following picture. I will then give you a close up of what you are seeing. I am embarrassed to show you, please do not think less of me. :) All this junk came out of the girls bedroom.

IRONY: the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning

I truly wish I could report that it was successful and I now have neat and tidy little children. But as I sit here typing I hear a box being dumped on the floor in Trevor's room. Wanna bet it is still there long after they move onto something else to do.

I did get a response when in frustration I told them I was going to put daily pictures of their rooms on this blog so that all could see how they live. I might have to explore this option. I think I will go start the documentation. If you do start seeing dreadful photos here of messy rooms. Please ignore and know that I am working on a experiment at home. As Ren and Stimpy used to say "maybe something good, maybe something bad".

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