Saturday, June 21, 2008

few more pictures-

First Day-- Megan saw a sign that said Disneyland was the Happiest Place on Earth. She said she does not agree. Home is the happiest place on earth. I thought that was sweet from a 9 year old. Her theory is where you want to be at night when your day is over is the happiest place on earth. She did admit that Disneyland might be the 2nd happiest place on earth.
There are actually a couple pictures I made it into. Something about the Mom's always being the ones taking the photos.
The whole gang minus Michael. Poor guy, best we can figure he ended up with food poisoning and lost out on the better part of Fathers Day stuck in the hotel room feeling like he got hit by a bus!
From left to right this is Tamis, Tasha, Dan, Cousin Linda , Megan, Jason, M'Lisa, Trevor and Elise.
Jason and Mickey posing for a picture. I love this picture!
Waiting in line for the California Screamin' Rollercoaster.

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