Monday, June 2, 2008

tick tock...

it seems like this school year will never end! I have 3 very excited kids that are thrilled at the nearing journey they will take. We have 8 more mornings of getting up for school and attempts to learn a couple more things. I am pretty sure they are all tuned out though at this point. just killing time for now.

We celebrated Trevor and Elise turning 7 over the weekend. With all the May/June craziness we lumped them together with cousin Caleb (turned 12 June 1) and Uncle Cory (younger then me!). Presents were opened, bouncing on the trampoline with cousins and watching the bigger people ride around on Michaels new(but yet quite old) "moped/scooter/2 wheeled transportation". Pretty funny how something like that brings everyone out to give it a try. If gas keeps on climbing we will be doing rock/paper/scissor to see who has to drive it to work!

They are thrilled to be creeping up on 7 years old. I was advised they will still need a birthday cake on their birthday. What fun to be so young and really only worry about whether you will have cake or not. What a shame you don't know how lucky you are until it is too late!

Oh yeah, 11 days till we fly off and have a total kid vacation... I am glad we both have some time off afterwards to recover at home. Disneyland will be a blast I am sure, neither Michael or I have been in so long it will be like a brand new experience. Now if we could just convince Michael that the Goofy character breakfast on Fathers day is solely in his honor. Poor guy has to get up way to early then deal with larger then life cartoon characters hassling him on his "special" day.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
~Abraham Lincoln

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sprucebluff said...

Tick Tock, Tick, Tock. I'm not sure where to post a little news from here, but yesterday on the very high tide, a small seal washed up right down where our trail comes out on the beach. We do wish it had not landed right there as it is going to be STINKY! I looked down from the loft Barnacle window and saw the year old eagle sitting on a long. I went back in about 5 minutes and looked through the binoculars and discovered he had staked out his place on a small seal! He hasn't been back today as we have had a big wind storm, but I know he and the other local eagles will be returning for their feasts. These small grey whales and seals that are washing up seem to be starving, but the eagles are not starving as they are eating all that washes up and are very happy.

We also saw two freshly out of the nest which is good news. Eagles only lay two eggs and not always do they both make it, but apparently these did. It takes 3 years for the young eagles to get there notable white head and white tail. Eagles mate for life and I think live about 20 years. We hear them trilling and calling every morning and evening. I wish we could find a nest but I guess they are deeper into the woods.

For the past two days we have had the lowest tides of the year and the ocean water was way way out behind the big rocks. It is really fun to walk behind them as it feels like you are walking in the ocean. There is always a very deep tidal pool around the rocks and one time we saw a seal caught on the rock for a night and a day until the tides came back and he could get back into the water.

Can hardly wait until Oma and Opa camp the end of July. We never know what will be going on on the ocean beach. By summer, it usually calms down and so I don't know if we will see any seals.

Love you!! Remember to collect stories about Disneyland so you can tell us about your adventures! Just don't go behind the fences where the cactus is like Jason did when he was a little kid. He got a LOT of owies from that old cactus!