Thursday, September 18, 2008

Darn that TIVO!

I was aimlessly folding laundry and had the TV on to keep me company when a commercial came on for the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. It looked so good. I could not wait. I suddenly feel like a junkie off "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" willing to do anything for just a little sneak peak. I will not spoil it for you-- I saw something. It all happened too fast to see what it was and who was involved. In the old days I would have just been a little more curious to see the actual show. Now in this day and age I start tossing laundry everywhere to find the remote control...back it up a minute and then put it in sloooooow motion. That's when it happened... I had that instant "oh darn" feeling. Like a kid that opened their Christmas presents and rewrapped them. Knowing come Christmas morning there will be noooo surprises for you. Feigning surprise and "Oh My" when the real moment actually arrives.

Oh well, I know something you don't know!

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