Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer time blues...

It is so sad that summer is preparing to end and we up here in the great NW have not had much "summer" weather yet. A few scorchers and a whole lot of YUCK! I do love it here and cannot see myself living anywhere else no matter how much I am pushed, prodded and poked to consider it. 

The kids have had a busy summer which in turn means we grown ups have had a busy summer too. They recently completed a week at Oma and Opa camp with Michael's parents. Beach combing, cooking with Opa, I heard there was even some ocean swimming with Aunt KT. She is braver then I... I am usually right there but it was a little cold! 

We also got a puppy this summer. Michael's dog Sal died almost 2 years ago. He has waited a while to even consider another. I guess now was the right time. We ended up with a 8 week old puppy , she is 1/2 English Pointer other half mystery as dad was of the "deadbeat" sort and did not stay around to be identified. She was born in Leavenworth, Kansas but due to all the flooding they were having she was going to be euthanized with her siblings and mother if a out of state rescue could not take her. She ended up here in Washington with a small rescue group.  We found her thru and are very happy. She is so quiet-not sure how long that will last. She is now 11 weeks old and getting so big. She was the runt so we are hoping she will be about 30-40 pounds. Our other dog Remo is probably 90-95 pounds--smaller is much better in this case. 

Her name is Tessa. When I was a kid we had an English setter named Tessa. She was the dog in my childhood that I most vividly remember. I think this is odd since she probably died when I was about 9 or 1o. My dad bought her to be his hunting dog but come to find out she absolutely freaked out by loud noises, under the bed shaking scared! Oh well we loved her anyhow. This little dog inherited her name and has some similarities in appearance. Hopefully she will not destroy our house on the 4th of July like the first Tessa would. 
Elise and Tessa

Megan and Tessa at the Beach

We wanted to get a puppy so Remo would have a friend. Unfortunately he is not at all interested in her. I think he liked our previous arrangement that did not include a puppy stealing his spotlight. Tessa has been forced to make new friends. Unbelievably the cat and her are good pals now. They play in the yard and bat at, tackle and sneak up on each other. Our only concern is when the dog is much bigger is she going to accidentally maul the cat? We are trying to work on a solution to that one.

Not sure what more to share...this was a little bit of a rambling post. Thanks so much for reading if you made it this far. Looks like the sky is blue--maybe I should try to mow the lawn before another monsoon strikes! 

Take care- enjoy the rest of your summer wherever you are! 

A word to the wise ain't necessary -- it's the stupid ones that need the advice.
~Bill Cosby

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