Monday, May 11, 2009

For me?

This took so much longer to compose then I ever thought it would.

I have been honored to receive a blog award. Thanks Audrey! She is an incredible writer that is sharing her journey with us about her fight with stage 3 cervical cancer. A battle she will conquer and then write a fabulous book for other people facing the same scary journey!

This award is not free, I actually have to share some personal facts with my readers? Do I still have any readers? I have not blogged regularly enough lately, I may have lost all of them...please don't leave. I will do better, I promise!

Okay. 10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. My computer is a Mac! LOVE IT!
  2. The first time I pierced my nose was in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show in 1994. I think he was stoned. Sometimes I still wonder why it got infected. :)
  3. I was once a best man in my best friends wedding. Yup! The bachelor party pretty much sucked!
  4. My first car was a 1972 Chevy Nova my parents bought it because they thought it would keep me safe. The irony is I ended up hitching rides with so many strangers because it was always leaving me stranded late at night! It was a total P.O.S!
  5. I might have a wee bit of a crush on John Stewart from the Daily Show.
  6. I cannot seem to fall asleep without the TV on, terrible I Know! Frequently it is the fella from the previous item that I fall asleep watching.
  7. I hate sleeping in hotels, to many Dateline episodes I guess.
  8. When I was 19 my best friend/room mate and I found a tattoo parlor in the phone book and went for tattoos on sudden whim. I find it interesting how many tattoo parlors are closed on Sundays...I think it is less about the day of the Lord and more about the Saturday night sleep off. Ask me if I would get the same tattoo again... Nope! I tell that to my kids a lot. Hopefully they will learn from my error. I love tattoos---just not my tattoo.
  9. I have had the same Cell phone number since I was 22 years old--16 years.
  10. My children are obsessed with how many blog followers I have. If I have befriended others. If I will post things or not post things. They did a big happy dance recently when one of my favorite blogs I read, became one of my followers as well. I think partly because they get a huge kick out of the picture on her header...check her out -- She is awesome, but we just call her Sticky.
I am passing this all on to --->

Marci from Marci's Musings

Sticky from Not too sticky

The Good Cook

Right on Mom

Talking Trash

Jan from Jan's Place

Airing my Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time

Amy Kate from Little House On the Quarry

To my above mentions do not feel pressured to do anything. If you want just post the little picture on your blog somewhere and pat yourself on your back feel free. Just know that I think you ROCK!

I would like to offer this award to any new bloggers that have not gotten an award for your sidebar. Have at it baby, it is yours...let me know so I can come read your 10 things!


Sticky (not too) said...

Hey! How cool!

Do you know that I was already here and reading this when your comment came thru? Must be some psychic connection...
I have to apologize, actually -because I thought I was already following you (that new google friends thingy messes me up)but at least I am now!

That was the sweetest thing! I love that your kids like our blog...I'll get AJ on and they can chat. Never to early for bloggy friends!

Thank you for the award! it's going up!

trash talk said...

How did I miss this? I haven't gotten this award before and there is nothing I love better than talking except talking about myself! While I was reading yours, I noticed so many things we have in common (which I find way cool since there is a huge age difference!). #5,6,8,9,and 10!I have been in love with Jon forever and plan on running away with him just as soon as he starts answering my phone calls. It may take me a little while to get this up on my blog, but I will. I just need to really think this one out! Thanks so much for the award and for the laughs!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Congrats on the award! My husband is convinced the bed he slept in at Disney World had bed bugs. I think it's more that he has had a reaction to their detergent or something because the rest of us are fine. (if there were bed bugs in one bed, you'd think they'd be in both, right? LOL).

The Good Cook said...

You made my day Tamis. Thank You!! I was having a real pity me day and I saw your comment, went right to your blog and wow! you gave me an award. MY VERY FIRST AWARD!! You Rock - and I will follow the rules and answer the questions - this is way better than the rant I was going to post! Thanks Again.

ps. and thanks for giving me a little window of your life (via blog) to peep into. It really makes my day.

JAN'S PLACE said...

great comments.. tho guess what.. I knew most..not all. .but most of it!!Still don't know why you did not LUV that classic pea green Nova..

I am honored to receive this award..


Anonymous said...

Tamis...this is AWESOME!!! I LOVE both of your lists, especially the stoned Grateful Dead ear piercer, the car for "safety," and the houseboat in the Shushwaps - my friend who is in medical school is headed off there soon! Beautiful part of Canada!

I am tagging you more often, my friend! You did a great job!

And thank you for your kind words - I'm not worthy!

WhisperingWriter said...

Thank you SO much!

I don't like sleeping in hotels either. I also watch a lot of Dateline and some of the shows about how filthy hotels really are scarred me for life I think.

rightonmom said...

Awesome list! Can't believe you still have the same number for all those years- like your id number or something! And about the nose piece- I almost did that on a whim, but hubby talked me out of it. I still think about it sometimes. I love the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole.

Thanks for the tag! I think your blog rocks also, very honest and true.