Sunday, May 17, 2009

fashion courage and the ultimate gift

Do you ever wake up and think that maybe this is the day you want to start a new fashion trend?

Do you think this one will take off?

I love going to Dead shows for so many reasons. You can wear anything. People applaud you the more insane your attire is! Our weekend with the heads was a blast with only minor damage...darn sunburn.

The Venue was the The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA. Get it- George is the name of a city in Washington state. Pretty creative huh? However, corniness aside the view is nothing less then breathtaking.

The above picture was taken while The Doobie Brothers were playing. Neither my sister or I are fans so we took the view in from much higher up. It was pretty empty when they played...maybe they don't have many fans left?! I did learn something though...apparently they aren't even really brothers! What the hell? All these years I figured they were actually brothers. Man, next thing somebody will tell me Doobie is slang for something and not really anyone's name at all...nah couldn't happen.

Our reserved seats were pretty close so my view looked something like this...

Bob Weir is 62 years old and if you ask me he looks a little like a mad professor but I would not have missed seeing him! I just loved sitting and watching him play. I could not help but smile, but then again that might have had something to do with the herbs that were being enjoyed around me. The air is pretty fragrant at these shows...intoxicatingly so. I did not have kids with me so I was allowed to not worry about a little second hand smoke and sat there and smiled!

Phil Lesh, yup he is 69 years old but that is a wicked cool bass guitar. He also took about 15 minutes to talk about organ donation and how his life was spared because someone gave him the ultimate gift of a new liver after years of fighting Hep C. I have to agree my childhood best friend is alive and well today because someone gave him their heart when his no longer worked well.

Please consider organ donation and make sure to express your wishes to your family. If they do not know you want it, it just might not happen. It also opens the avenue for discussion about their end of life wishes as well. I know it is not a fun thing to consider. I hate to say that is it crucial but that is what it comes down to.

I am not sure where this soap box came from or how I got on it. I suppose it is just something I am passionate about and would like to convey the need to share your wishes.

Thanks for visiting me!

P.S. No new piercing or tattoos...this time.


Marci said...

Glad you had fun!
I totally agree with you on the organ donation thing. I'm even on the national bone marrow donor list.
Happy Monday!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Glad you had such a good time at the concert. I don't think anyone wants my sad old pathetic organs. LOL.

rightonmom said...

So cool you went to that! I wouldn't call myself a true Dead Head but I love them anyway!

JAN'S PLACE said...

so you had lots of fun? I am glad you sisters had a sister weekend bonding..and I assume there are no new tattoo's or piercings... or am I just assuming!!!

Glad your home and the weather was hot.. it is always better on that side of the mountains!

Anonymous said...

So happy you had a good time at the Dead concert! I can't believe how old they are! WOW!

YES! to organ donation! People don't make their wishes known to family members - we need to be more socially responsible and sign our cards, and make our families aware! Good soap box topic, Tamis!

trash talk said...

But did you inhale?
No comment on their ages, I thought they were spring chickens!
Very good soap box that everyone should think about.