Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I ♥ Faces, week 1

I ♥ Faces is a photography site focused on the art of capturing faces and their various emotions. This week the theme is hats...gotta have one.

I love to cruise through the gorgeous photos and dream of a nice SLR camera...one day I tell you, one day! This week I am going to try my hand at it, just for the fun of it.

This picture is of my niece, Avery. My sister actually took the picture of her with her Nikon SLR. I fell in love with it. Her picture was pretty all on its own. I digitally manipulated it a little for a little more punch. I sharpened it, and boosted the color and cropped it down. I hope it meets your expectations sis! This is a collaboration submission, and since I am late and it doesn't count anyhow-who cares!

I do have pictures of my own kids but this is truely one of my favorite "hat" pictures on my computer. Since we all love this little cutie it seemed like the perfect picture for today.

My adult photo is one of the cast members at Disneyland from our trip last summer. Ahhh, makes me want to go back! It is a little darker then what I would like but not bad considering I took it with my daughters point and click... again I tweaked the color, sharpened and tried to get out some of the fading in the lower left corner.

I have to say that I love Picnik! I am inches from paying for their premium service.


Ali said...

Beautiful pics! I love how vibrant the colors are, great job! And your niece is just adorable =)

Anonymous said...

Good job! I also dream of a digital SLR. I always refer to my non-digital SLR as my "real camera," and my little digital camera as my "fake camera!"

Oh my stars, your niece is way too cute! I can see why you wanted to post that one!

ellie said...

The photo of your niece is gorgeous! I can see why it is your favorite :) The Disney photo just pops with color! Great work and thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Gena said...

She is so adorable!
Great colors.

Miss Yvonne said...

Love love love them! The first is so cute and the second has fantastic color.

LiLu said...

Those pics are awesome- so vibrant! I'll definitely check picnik out!

Candice said...

I have no idea what an SLR is but I want one. Those pics are great!!

Your niece is precious.

I am Harriet said...

That lady in "Mary" was too funny!
Happy VGNO and Mother's Day Weekend!