Monday, June 15, 2009

And then they were 8

As some of you know I have been blessed with a "buy one-get one free" pregnancy. Although very little is free when it comes to a twin pregnancy and then 2 preemie babies. But that is another story on another day! My second pregnancy was not easy to come by and initially the doctor warned me about becoming too attached to that second little heart beat. It seemed one baby was significantly ahead of the other. Why that is we will never know. I am glad I got attached because now they are both 8 years old...One is still significantly ahead as far as size goes but I just know my little guy will catch up sooner or later.

Happy Birthday Trevor and Elise! It sure has been fun having the joys in double time! The crying and potty training in double time, not so much. Mom loves you more then you will ever know!

There is no irony here that they are both in trees in these pictures. They have always climbed EVERYTHING! I think it may be partly due to being a twin. Perhaps only one was a climber to begin with, the other one had to learn to climb to keep up!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Trevor and Elise! I hope that you have a great day!

Jill said...

Wow, 8!!!! I hope that you both had a WONDERFULICIOUS birthday!
Auntie Jill

Ali said...

They are so sweet, love the pics in the trees! Happy 8th Birthday to Trevor & Elise =)

JAN'S PLACE said...

dumplimgs..they are just the cutest dumplings!

Anja said...

What a wonderful and heartwarming post. I wish you all guys the best.
Happy birthday Trevor and Elise from over-the-ocean-germany... Anja

Evil Twin's Wife said...

They are absolutely adorable! Isn't it amazing how the preemies catch up and you'd never know, ya know? Happy Birthday!