Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who doesn't love a puppy?

Last summer we decided to get a dog...more accurately a puppy. Are you shaking your head in disbelief already? In a moment of idealistic insanity we decided we wanted to give our kids the experience of a puppy. To let them watch her grow and have her grow up with us.We were warned by many, but we may have been a little cocky to think we could handle a puppy(might have uttered phrase "piece of cake"). Like new parents that think their kids will be perfect...we knew we would have the perfect puppy! I now know -- I was absolutely off my rocker.

It is hard to fall in love with something that empties its bladder anywhere it wants, craps where it feels like, chews on your most valuable or favorite possessions, jumps on everyone that comes into range, runs away to find new friends if she escapes the yard, tries to eat your cat like a chew toy. It has been a tough road with our little Tessa.

The potty training is finally handled but only because we taught her to ring a bell to go outside. How cute you say??? She rings that bell ALL THE DAMN TIME! She rings the bell even if the other door 15 feet away is already open. She rings the bell if another animal is sitting on the deck wanting to come in. Bunny munching grass in the yard...rings the bell. Dog barking outside...ding-a-ling. She is the keeper of the door.

Our current problem with her is the massive destruction she leaves in her path. She is a puppy, we know. No matter how much she drives us nuts-- she is our dog and will stay here. I just need to vent a little about might save me cursing at her later tonight when she rings the bell for the 13th time in 2 hours.

So, back to the reason I am writing this. Recently I was standing at my deck window and saw several shoes in the yard along with something black that upon closer inspection was this...

My sunglasses...the ones I really liked to wear. I am not a sparkly girl but for some reason I liked these girlie glasses. Clearly the coffee table is not a safe place to keep anything.

On my way to inspect the object I twisted my ankle in one of these...
Here are four of the holes in our yard, it was hard to pick a hole since I have DOZENS to choose from.

The other thing she likes...

But apparently they taste awful!

She also seems to have limited memory because 2 days later the remaining flower was nowhere to be seen.

More of her work...

Yup, our deck with a newly modified hole. I guess it will work as a place to toss your bottle caps? Gotta try to stay positive here.

Grow up soon little girl because I am starting to think an old dog is the way to go!

Tessa our year old 1/2 English Pointer 1/2 Satan puppy

You wanna know the real kicker... My neighbors will think I am crazy before to long. I had a dog trainer tell me not to scold the dog but to scold the object. Maybe it is a load of hooey. Please tell me if it is. Because lately I have been in my yard yelling at shoes, holes, flowers and now sunglasses. My neighbors are going to think I have lost it, heck maybe I have!

She must know I am talking about her--as I write this she is laying quietly in her crate. She is not even chewing on anything of mine...yet.

To bad my future dog sitter reads this blog...she might be conveniently busy if we go on vacation.


Scrappy Doo said...

o my you are yelling at shoes?? HMMM??
We got a pup last year- she has grown into a bully and runs around like she is on crack. she tries to mate with the male cats and steals everything not nailed down and puts them under the bed.
To late now woman!
We are stuck with big ole dogs!

Meeko Fabulous said...

OMG! You think you're crazy? I decided it would be a "piece of cake" to get two, count them, two Satan puppies at the same time. I have some pictures posted of them here: They're being fairly good when these were taken, but my house is now technically baby proof since it's puppy proof! LOL

The Good Cook said...

Welcome to puppy hell. A lovely place until you have to live here. My shepherd is now 7 1/2 months old. My carpeting is ruined. She has eaten several books and magazines, dug some lovely holes, loves to swim in our koi pond (actually caught and ate one) among other things to drive us insane. But I love my Holly Bear. She rings a bell too! ALL DAY LONG. I swear she rings it as soon as I sit down (or go to the bathroom, or get on the phone) then LAUGHS when I open the door and she just wanders away...

But we do love our dogs don't we? On Monday we had an emergency session with Emma, her trainer... but that's another blog entirely.

At least all of us puppy owners know we're in good company right? Support group anyone?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

With a face like that, you've gotta just love the stuffing out of her, right? Yeah, a neighbor came by yesterday trying to give away a 10 wk old Boxer puppy that her sister can't keep. We didn't fall for it.

Miss Yvonne said...

Your satan puppy is adorable!

trash talk said...

Everyone loves a puppy...when it is someone else's!
I don't know how I survived Jakie's puppyhood. I kept asking my sister (who also had a schnauzer) when he would outgrow it and she replied "two years ago!". He's now 11 and I wish someone would tell him to slow down...I can't keep up.
FYI, I'm not a 100% sure but I think iris plants can be harmful to dogs.
But what do I know...Jakie ate one of those thingys they put in handbags and shoes! Oh yeah, silica gel!
P.S. But that is one CUTE puppy! I'm a sucker for big dogs.

JAN'S PLACE said...

all I can say is...busted..and
I told you so.. I get them after they housebroken.. well at least that's what they tell me!

and Oh, I forgot, we will also be on vacation that week you are going to be gone...Poor Tessa, to Paradise Pet Lodge you go!

angelina said...

I will be posting about my puppy soon too....they are way more than we were in for, aren't they! We started making doggie treats- Ill get the recipe posted soon- you can make them as small or big as you want, and they really do keep the chewing down...we just replace the item with a chew-treat everytime we catch her- saved me a lot of shoes....!