Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life = Risk

If this doesn't make you think...pinch yourself and watch it again!

Super video someone shared with me, Thanks Dan! Now I need to share with you.


Anja said...

Salut Tamis,
this video is really a motivation to go your own way and to live your dreams. Don't care about sad, closed-minded people that try to get you down. Thanks for share this bottom-up video.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! I have never seen that video before! How inspirational. Never give up on your dreams! If you believe it, you can be it. Love it1

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very inspirational. It's especially motivating for me right now - I need the push!

trash talk said...

This was great! I watched it with my granddaughter and we talked about trying and running the risks. Thanks for sharing.