Saturday, December 27, 2008


My dream has officially become my nightmare. 32" or more of snow, I have given up trying to keep track. Just a "hella lot" to quote younger, cooler kids.
What did we do to deserve all this snow?!

Walkway to house and driveway...shovel this? I think not!

Taken Christmas morning, check out the snow on the deck behind her.

Yep, more of the same...snow, snow, snow. How can something so
beautiful be such a pain in the arse?

Christmas day at the Marks house looked like this...Still amazing to me!
This is historic and I know we have created so many memories...yet I am
done with it. I was happy and embraced what I had. Now I yearn for
Something more, like a trip to the grocery store!

I am hoping and praying when this all melts it goes somewhere else and does not complicate our lives further. They say rain is coming but I am having my doubts at this point. It snowed here all day. Our power went out at 3pm Friday as I type this by the power of our generator at 12:15 am I just much longer?

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