Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Want what you have...

Well, another little bump in the road has come along... Once again in lovely Snohomish it is snowing. Snow has been falling for several hours but not sticking to the ground. Smiles could continue because at least it was not accumulating. Now you know the luck we have had recently with the beautiful white stuff. Guess what, in the last 15 minutes it is now sticking to solid surfaces. I keep reflecting to something my Mother-in-law mentioned last week when we were snowed in. I will share with you now.

"Here are some words about contentment that I like:
Be happy.
When you don't have what you want, want what you have.
That's a well-kept secret of contentment!"

So as I look outside and think of all the things I would have liked to do today instead I will make due and be happy with were I am. I can reflect on the year that is coming to a close and the wonderful things it has brought. The joy in little childrens faces when they see the magic of Disneyland, the promise of lovely new babies to snuggle, the beauty of newly married love with an entire future to behold, the assurance of spring and summer yet to come, the beauty of a complete family bathed in health, and knowing that 2009 is a blank slate yet to be determined. I am blessed and will have to remember that even when it is easier to get irritated with the events around me.

Maybe this reflection was meant to occur because as I have reflected guess what... the snow has stopped. It is once again raining. Do you see me smiling?

Happy, Happy Birthday to my dear Sister-in-Law KT! Hope it is fabulous and we know the year to come is bound to be exciting!

Happy New Year to you all!
I hope this day finds you wanting what you have.

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sprucebluff said...

Hey Mom Tamis! Very cute blog and we LOVE the pictures from your cheer leading and pinewood derby weekend! Very, very fun. Glad to see the kids loving the participating! Love you all! Oma