Thursday, December 18, 2008


I thought I would share some of the fun pictures. Snow is the nicest backdrop, it makes the images just pop out. Hope you enjoy. You can see more if you click on the link...

Here is the entirety of our day so far

Wake up and watch this... 
Charles Schultz 1965

remember when Trevor was little, I think about 18 months old at Christmas. I was told time and time again he looked just like Charlie Brown...glad he outgrew that bald ginormous head thing! He might have been teased in school-

While they watched the cartoon they got to eat some donut holes we bought for Megan's class party that she had to miss. Then they watched a Muppet Christmas special we had Tivo'd. 

After that we did a little of this... 

Smile for Mom


Practice our parade wave

and of course some of this...

But only the clean stuff!

Then this happened...

After that I witnessed this... climbing a giant Juniper to 
throw snowballs at the neighbors truck-
Making friends wouldn't you say?

Click on the Fall/Winter 2008 tab above for more pictures.

Hope this day finds you warm and safe with 
people you love!

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