Thursday, December 11, 2008

her finger & her thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead

I was almost thru the year without pulling a maneuver that makes you go "man, I am such a bonehead". Then what happens? So close to the finish line, I could practically smell the beauty of another year tied up in a nice little package with a pretty bow on top! Yep on Sunday, December 7th I blew it! After having a nice leisurely bath, I decided the jets needed to be cleaned in the tub in our master bath. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

Let me walk you thru the next part-
  • Step 1 insert nasty chemicals and run jets for 4-7 minutes
  • Step 2 drain said nasty water
  • Step 3 due to corrosive nature of above mentioned chemicals fill water 2 inches above jets before running jets again
  • Step 4 (this one is important guys!) TURN OFF THE WATER!
Yep you guessed it, I overflowed the bath tub. So much so that the little dust bunnies could have used a life boat to be saved. The tub was taking so long to refill that I went to go find my cell phone "real quick" so I would have it Monday for work. Then some laundry that needed washing, perhaps I would fold the laundry that I took out of the dryer, it seemed like a good idea to load the dishwasher. It was then, as I was rinsing a dish in the kitchen sink, only then did I have that "OH CRAP" moment. Running off to find trusty Remo lying on his dog bed just outside the disaster zone. He did not even bother to come alert me that I had a problem... Where is Lassie when you need her? Water spilling down the heat register, dangerously encroaching the carpeted closet, Running down the tile surround. I think I said every 4 letter word I knew at that moment. I might have even made up a few new ones!

I will spare you the details but just know, to protect my family and our home, I have grounded myself from ever cleaning a bathtub again! Sorry Michael that has to be your job now. Gee maybe this worked out well after all?!

Michael gets a "free pass" because not once did he say anything unkind. Have at it buddy, give me something else to write about.

20 days are left in 2008---let's hope I don't top this one!
Did I just jinx myself?


Ungo said...

Hmmm.... Water and floors at the Marks household? NO! I have NEVER heard of that. Got any outdoor spigots you want repaired?

oceanspruce said...

Whoa! Life is never dull at the Marks 5. Tamis, you are such a creative one, you must write lots of stuff in all of your lives! We love it! Oma