Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another one under the belt and a flaming hat too!

ahhh, shucks. I feel so spoiled. I was celebrated this last weekend. For what you ask? Well, all I did was get born. Not really anything I had any control over - but either way I was the one being celebrated. So, I say, Yay for ME! I never get to say that and it is kind of fun! Yay for me, Yay for me, Yay for me! Well, there enough for one year. Don't want to be too self absorbed.

I was given wonderful acts of kindness, love, gifts, lovely sweet confections, and the day off from all laundry and dishes! Yipeee! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my family and friends that made the day a little sweeter. I appreciate it!

Pictured: Cousin Avery, Me, Aunt Chrys, My lovely sister Brea, Grandma G.G. as we have always called her, My Mom, and Elise and Megan
The "official" girl club. Only 2 Girls were missing in this mother/daughter picture. My Aunt Jill who lives in "Vegas Baby" and my Cousin Erin who must have been doing something thrilling or adventurous in Mexico where she lives.

This is "My" picture --meaning My Grandma, My Mom and My Daughter! How very two years old of me...mine, mine, mine! that is!

I forget what was happening here. My Dad hassling Elise about something he thought was funny.
Secondary note about this picture. Trevor has been wearing this hat day and night for what seems like FOREVER! I kid you not, I have gone in and found him sleeping in it! It may meet up with some sort of "washing machine malfunction" in the near future. If so don't you dare tell one me! You and I can have a little secret.

Candy land! How cool that candy land was played at my 38th birthday party! Yep, there is that hat again! How does he see anything?

Avery took home many boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Hope she shared with the rest of her family. If not, they know where to find more of them. I still have a full trunk (talking about the car guys, not my backside--although yes that seems to full as well)!

Somehow we managed to coincide the evening with a day Michael's Folks were in town. Thanks for coming and sharing in the chaos.

P.S. I have had a revelation since I posted this. The reason I hate Trevor's hat is that it is the same style as Dumb Donald's hat on the Fat Albert show. You have to crane your head down to his eye level to see his eyes--otherwise they are hidden from view. At least Dumb Donald was smart enough to cut eye holes in his hat!

I would cut those holes now except that of course the hat is at school with it's owner! Where else would it be? Oh well, it did snow last night. I would hate to take the boys hat on a day it snowed. But seriously, after this winter , that hat may never be seen again! These pictures and the ones burned in my head will be all that remains.

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