Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'd buy you a K-car, a nice reliant automobile

Trevor and Elise are in 2nd grade and have a project they are working on project at school titled--

If I had a hundred...

They have to finish 10 sentences that start like this "If I had a hundred ____, I would ...".  All random items that they might have 100 of. 

I picked up Elise's and about fell over laughing. My daughter is so sweet and wants to help those needier then herself. Her first question to answer was what she would do with a  hundred dollars. My dear little one would spend every penny helping someone else. Doing what, you ask?

Photo Courtesy Norman Rockwell, 1924

Well my friends, if Elise gets a hundred dollars she "would give it to a hobo, becas thay can't woch t.v." Evidently she wants these "hobo's" to be able to be educated in all things Disney Channel. At our house we generally do not refer to people as hobo's-- I am pretty sure that is currently not a P.C. term but coming from a 7 year old I think the ACLU will have to cut her some slack.  Either way I got a little giggle out of the idea that she could make someone's day a little better just by watching "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody".  Maybe the next time I feel like I need a handful of prozac I should just watch the Disney Channel?!

Trevor plans to buy a "yot" so he can swim in the pool. I am pretty sure he is does not know what a "yot" is but it sure sounds good to him. Let me know if you see any of those $100 yachts, I might be willing to pick one up for later. 

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