Saturday, February 28, 2009

Megan had her concert, we were all dazzled and amazed and the "mad" recorder skills of the 4th graders! They had a little African drum piece at the end and we were all entertained by what we suspect may be a future stand up comedian that did some very cool dance moves to the music. Thanks to Grandma, Grandpa and Grammy for heading out to see her perform. I have to say this is the last concert of this school year...Yahoo! Not that I do not love the concerts because I do! Really, I do!

We did notice that all the girls seem to have the same haircut I had as a 4th grader- Long straight and without bangs. No wonder I got grief last month when we made her get a haircut!

This is the first concert where they have asked us not to take pictures during the performance...what's up with that? I really was not that much of a problem last month at the 2nd grade concert. Hmmm, I had passed the camera to Michael but the shots were limited and without a flash...trying to be inconspicuous you know. The photos lack the usual panache we aim for.

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