Monday, March 2, 2009

And they ate cake...

Happy, Happy Birthday to my dear old Dad. Enjoy your last year in the 50's!

In his honor we had a little pre-Birthday celebration and ate cake!

A little inspection of the that was not a hair she saw!

A made from scratch cake, what did he deserve to deserve that? Perhaps the housing provided through my youth and overlooking a couple of late night sneak ins!

Yup, he got them all!

Dad and Lori a.k.a. Grammy. The next picture will show you one of her skills Trevor has figured out.

Tickles...he somehow gets her to give him the best little back or head scratches~

Have you ever played battleship with a 4 year old? She was very focused! I watched them play and though I am not sure she grasps the game completely she pretends to play it well!

Megan enjoyed a little scrabble on her cousins iTouch...not as much as I did though! If I did not have so many other things we need I would want to upgrade my iPod.

A little crazy Eye from Uncle Cory...he is always good for that. I think half of my pictures of Cory have a similar expression. I bet as a kid there are a lot of goofy pictures of him too!

Grandpa wearing his new ear ring...really Elise's bracelet but doesn't he look smashing!

Megan being coy...I love this picture! It does remind me a little of the movie Penelope, have you seen? It looks like she is hiding her nose. I can attest she does not have a snout!

Thanks Dad for giving us a reason to celebrate!

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Anonymous said...

look at that old man blowing out the candles.. who is that old guy??! that could not be the father of such a young thing like you!