Thursday, March 5, 2009

toothless grins and the hat that taunts me!

Trevor had a big night...he lost not 1 tooth the other night but 2. He lost both his top front teeth the same evening. WOWZA! He was hoping for a big pay out that night from the good old Tooth Fairy.

This picture was taken a couple days prior. All present and accounted for-including the hat that Santa should have left at the North Pole!

1 down...

Holy cow, 2 teeth out in one evening.
I have to say this picture bothers me a little. I have seen some gross things as a nurse but still cannot get used to mouths without teeth were they belong. YUCK! While in nursing school I did a set of clinicals at the Veterans Hospital providing wound care. Fresh amputees, no problem -- the gums where a tooth was recently residing...DISGUSTING! Crazy huh?

When I checked on him later that night this is what I found...yup, sleeping in that darn hat again. See the envelope above his head? Two teeth were in there waiting to be exchanged for cold hard cash from the tooth fairy. I wonder what she does with all those teeth? If I ever happen to see her that is definitely what I will ask her!

He got $4--I have been told the tooth fairy has a different pay scale for different kids. Megan says one of her friends gets $10 per tooth! Sorry kids--she must be running low on $10 bills by the time she gets to our house! I got quarters as a kid so paper money is a huge step up for them!

The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money. ~David Richerby

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