Sunday, March 29, 2009

tree envy

I have always wanted a tree house. Since I was a little kid. I do not recall ever having one. My Dad was real handy, he built the house we lived in. Yet still my sister and I never had the joy of an awesome building above the ground to play in, camp in, pretend in. What gives Dad? Prime opportunity missed!

When we bought our current home, located in a more rural area, I remember looking at all the trees for a perfect home for a tree house. ZIP, NADA, NONE! Not one tree on over 1 acre of land that could hold a tree house. My kids need a tree house! My neighbor has a perfect tree. It is even already cut down at about 15 feet. It is ready to be made into a home in the sky...he has no kids. Again, what gives? That tree mocks me from across the fence. Damn dead tree stump!

I think this is my solution. What do you think my neighbor will think. Will it make his tree jealous?

Steampunk Tree House
The tree is 30' tall, 30' wide and weighs 8 tons. It was crafted from recycled and reclaimed materials by 60 artist from the Bay area. I know I cannot afford this particular tree house. Although I thought it was interesting that you can rent it. You need to have room for a crane to reassemble it though. They even went to all the trouble to haul it to Burning Man.

My ideal tree house would be wood and have a lot of branches that the wind could whistle through. A place to escape the chaos of a home and all the chores that live there. A home away from home. An escape. A get away.
What do you think?


JAN'S PLACE said...

I will rent it! Looks like a perfect MIL rental to me!!!

Mom :)

arukind said...

We could have had so much fun in that treehouse!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.