Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet my friends U.P. Chuck and Ralph

Our weekend was eventful in the most unpleasant ways.

Sick 1

Sick 2

We are desperately trying to avoid Sick 3,
Sick 4, and lastly Sick 5!

I would have loved to share pictures of Trevor after he burst the capillaries in his face but he vetoed the pictures, feet are all he will offer you. He is sick, so I felt I should respect his wishes. Even though he is darling with all those little red spots all over his face. He bounced back by Sunday. Poor baby-Elise looks like she got run over by a bus still. It is dicey whether she will make it to school tomorrow-which means it is dicey whether Mom will make it to work. Guess we will just wait and see.

Wishing you all well and reminding you to maybe pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer when you are at the store. This junk is noooo fun!

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JAN' PLACE said...

not fun..sorry for all of you :(