Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hey, lucky me...I WON!

My Mother and Mother-in-Law will be so happy. Many years I have been hearing little comments about why we have never gotten professional photos of our family. The timing is never right. You know how it goes. Always too busy. Fifteen more pounds to lose. I would have to buy some new clothes. Have you seen some of those boring pictures that all look the same...yuck! Never extra money to pay for the pictures. But guess what? I entered a give away at a fabulous blog that I regularly visit. They were giving away a 2 hour photo shoot with a great local photographer, Tots and Tails. You know what? I WON! My kids are a little bigger then tots and I think we will leave the tails out of the pictures. She does gorgeous outdoor photographs. I am so excited. The time is now!
The blog I follow is called Little Birdie Secrets . I love that they talk about the very same craft stores I go to because they live not that far away. I dig the super ideas they give me-even though I do not have time to craft as much as I would like. They inspire me to find my crafty self again. Just check them out...and read their most recent post--it talks about me being a BIG winner!

Thank you Little Birdie Secrets and Tots & Tails!


JAN'S PLACE said...

Yeah for you! You really are a "winner", as Papa would say!!!


arukind said...

How cool is that! Can't wait to see some great pics \"/