Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, 2 out of the 3 made it to school today. My little man and I are having a sick day. He currently is attempting to heat our home with his body heat alone. He woke up from a little morning nap at 103.6 degrees. A little Motrin (my new BFF) and a nebulizer treatment should help him out. I hope he takes another little nap so I can lay around and watch twighlight all by my lonesome.

I did get a laugh out of this, maybe you will enjoy it as well.

Stumbled across it on I Need A Martini Mom but she was honest enough to admit that she swiped it from Write On, Yo. Either way it gave me a little laugh on this morning when I feel like nothing much is funny. Love the E*trade baby--this is a cure for the usual boring dialogue he spews.


JAN' PLACE said...

Too funny! Whatever it takes to keep your mind off your body ache and pain! If your weren't sick I would come and watch Twilight with you, I am on "Holiday" today..

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very cute. Sending more "get well" vibes your way!

Tamis said...

Thanks for the vibes~ I have hope that by tomorrow I will be a new woman!

Amber Rose said...

I think you rubbed off on us through your blog:) I have sick kids home now too!! Not good!!
Thanks for the sweet comments:)

ms. changes pants while driving said...

hey!! that's me!! i love that video. sooo funny.

oooo.... twilight.... :D


Tamis said...

Amber-sorry about the sick kids. I swear, it will end sooner or later. Although I think this is one nastier bugs I have seen running around. I love your photography and dream of being just that GOOD!

Yolanda-I give credit where credit it due. Glad you found this-it gave me a chuckle. I love the "she says she is 5'11'"-- "yeah pounds maybe".