Saturday, March 14, 2009

job training for the future...

I think I may have found a future profession for some of my brood. I have noticed when I pull the camera out for photo ops they have started shielding their faces. So after putting some thought into how this could work for them I came up with one thing... celebrity!

I guess I need to consider my future career as a sneaky paparazzi stalking my victims...I mean subjects!

I found this photo on the internet...I will have to show it to Trevor so he can whip one up and quit using his clothes and hand to hide his face!
Sponge Bob out of legos=AWESOME!

Trevor hiding his face with his hand

Turtle maneuver, insert head in jammies at first sighting of camera!

The other thing I am hearing, after taking a photo of a perfectly adorable moment, is that I cannot use it on the blog. For real, they have already decided they have creative license about this. GEESH! Too bad they actually read it...I would just sneak it on here anyhow! I will tell ya- you are missing out on some really great photography! I guess this all goes right along with the celebrity thing...getting bossy about what photo's they will sign off on!

Am I really the only Mom that tortures her children with the camera? They will thank me one day, don't you think?

Oh that I think of it I may know where they learned this from---

Guilty-that is me with my hand over my face during a weekend at the beach.
One of my children even took this picture.
Do as I say child, not as I do!

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JAN' PLACE said...

too funny, I want to see the "turtle", after the camera is s'posed to be put away..come on mom, quick shot!