Tuesday, March 24, 2009

recovery is bliss?

Well, another school day has come and gone with a sick child still home...sick. I have not been to work in...let me look at the calendar...12 days. Thank goodness I had some days off scheduled for a fun mini-vacation-that worked out well. For 12 days I have been home dealing with sick children and been sick myself. I also have had a sick husband although he resists all suggestions so the dealing part is minimal- he is pretty good at quarantining himself and just plowing through.

The good news is that, I think, by tomorrow (knocking on my desk now) they will all be back at school. This is perfect timing because I HAVE to go back to work on Wednesday. At least a break from all this you may think. Those who may not know me personally may miss the humor I have to find in this situation. 12 days at home taking care of sick kids---tomorrow I go back to work and take care of more sick people. I will again be dosing them with Motrin, giving nebulizer treatments, taking temperatures and trying to assure them this truely will not last forever- even though it feels that way. Oh, the joys of being a nurse during the cold and flu season. At least they will pay me for my time - the bummer is I can't do it in my jammies.

2 thumbs up for healthy kids!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

That's awesome that you could get all that time off to tend to your kids! I've often thought being a nurse would be fun, but then I remember that I don't like touching people I don't know much and ::poof:: there goes that thought! LOL.

Tamis said...

I feel very lucky that my job allows me a lot of freedom. I only had to call in sick 1 time in the 12 days.

It would be very hard to be a nurse and not like/tolerate touching people. Some days I would like to not touch them either! They smell or leak icky fluids--those days I wish I was an accountant.

You crack me up. Thanks for visiting me!

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