Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hallmark Holiday?

Well, did you get roses, flowers, diamonds and chocolates today? I let my gang off the hook this year. All I asked for is hugs, kisses and to pick up after that too much to ask? But really that is not any different then what I want any other day of the year that someone says..."what do you want?". Unless they are really loaded then I may ask for a Porsche and someone to come clean my house for me so I can quit asking for the same thing all the time!

I will give them a heads up now--when my Birthday comes all I want is hugs, kisses and to pick up after yourself. If you feel so compelled I will also take a tasty dessert of some kind...surprise me! That is it...I need nothing except to pick up your stinky socks and put them away!

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