Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The big reveal~

Yesterday my oldest daughter had an orthodontist appointment. She was told last time that she would probably be getting her braces off next time she came in. She was very excited because she is already planning the celebration that will follow removal of the dental appliances that torture her. She wants Carmel Apples, corn on the cob, taffy, and anything else that makes me yell "no you can't have that, you will break a bracket!"

Here is her before picture...in the parking lot on the way in for the big removal

and this is what she looks like now~

She is still smiling though.

Her party is on hold for at least 4 more weeks. There was a bright spot in her day. She had a tooth the Doctor has been trying to get her to pull out for 2 months. The other tooth was growing in under it and it was wreaking havoc on his work. Her orthodontist really wanted it gone...He pushed and prodded with no luck, only tears. I figured least I could do is offer a large reward for that tooth. How does $10 sound, but it had to be out that day. Well, it sounded good to her too, I had that tooth in my hand within 4 hours. I told her no double dipping though. It is my tooth now, she can't try to sell it to the tooth fairy as well!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think tooth stuff is the worst, grossest part of being a parent. I can handle all other challenges, but teeth is one I just cringe and try to ignore! LOL. I'm glad she's closer to braces removal. It's a great feeling!

JAN'S PLACE said...

I think she looks pretty with or without the braces..she will thank you someday!

WhisperingWriter said...

Remind her to wear her retainer when she gets those off. My parents got me braces and I decided that I was too cool for a retainer and my teeth went crooked again. I am SO mad at myself for doing that. I hate have crooked front teeth now :(

Oh, your comment on my blog excited me. I also would totally get a Mini Cooper if I didn't have kids. I think they are so cute.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your Mom - she is beautiful with her braces, and she will be beautiful without!
What a strong, brave young woman you have there. And she is learning the fine art of paitence, and dealing with disappointment! She will grow to be an amazing woman, I know!

Kate Smedley said...

She's so pretty, she will definitely thank you one day, tell her not to worry, she's beautiful.