Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Questionable career choices...

Trying to have conversation at the dinner table is sometimes like pulling teeth.

How was your day?


What did you do?


Did you learn anything new?


We have started asking them questions that require an answer that they put together in there little minds. More then one word. We are late at figuring this out, I know.

Last week Michael asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. Megan wants to be a photographer and geologist. Elise wants to be a veterinarian. It came time for Trevor to answer and he said he wants to be a pilot.

I understood he said pilot, since I speak Trevor and Elise fluently. They both have a very interesting East Coast accent. This is curious since we live solidly on the West side of the country. I am wondering where there speech therapist grew up, maybe they picked it up from her?

Anyhow, everyone else at the table thought he said PIRATE.
In this current climate that might not be a solid career choice. Elise asked what a Pirate does. Michael did his best, "ahoy, matie. ARGGG" pirate impression. Trevor and I are watching this. Trevor just keeps saying. "No, a pilot, a pilot", still sounding an awful lot like pirate. A few days later my Mom asked the kids the same question. She thought he said pirate too. I think he better pick a back up career unit his L's quit sounding like R's!. Anyone who asks him that question is going to wonder what kind of derelict we are raising!

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you finally grew up?

After High School I went to school briefly to explore being a cop. Can you imagine that...I would be dabbing my eyes all day long! Those criminals would never take me seriously. "Yeah the cop that picked me up today, she had a tissue shoved up her sleeve like a little old lady".

Isn't it nice to see that ship captain was finally released/rescued from the real Pirates. You should have seen the look on my kids faces when they realized that pirates actually do exist. I did not have the heart to tell them they do not look like Johnny Depp though.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! A friend of mine once asked her daughter the same thing. Her daughter said that she wanted to be an "Arthur." Lynne, my friend, thought that she had spawned a transgendered child until she finally figured out that Amber really wanted to be an "author!"

Tamis said...

How cute is that. The things that come out of kids mouths have to put a smile on our faces!

JAN'S PLACE said...

Hilarious..and I was there!!! As I recall you also wanted to be a FBI agent..or is my memory going south??

Marci said...

Oh, funny about the mix-up! My kids were floored to discover there are still real-life pirates in this day and age. It blows my mind, too, really...
My husband is a pilot for Southwest Airlines and says he knew since he was about 5ish that that's what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Ali said...

Ahhh Johnny Depp, if only pirates were like him.... ;-) That is just too cute a story =)

I think I probably wanted to be an artist, but I know I always wanted to be a mommy (and that makes it a little easier to work on being an artist too!)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I have a mix between a very Southern accent and somewhat West Virginian (Appalachian) accent, our children are solidly Appalachian (Oddly enough, the Evil Twin was born and raised here - WV - and has no accent!). Anyway, my littlest one repeats everything anyone says, so I asked her "Sissy, are you a parrot?" and she said "Arrrgghhh".

Debbie said...

I didn't have the heart to tell ME they didn't look like Johnny or Orlando. But, I saw them on the news and was heartbroken.

Makeup Theory said...

If pirates looked like Johny Depp, I'd volunteer to be kidnapped.

As for your question - I wanted to be a pro tennis player when I grew up. They get to play for a living and wear really cute white skirts. I reasoned all of this out at 6!

Alas, I became a makeup artist, instead. I do intend to buy a cute white skirt, though.

WhisperingWriter said...

How cute.

And I admit, when I'm listening to the news and they talk about the pirates, I do picture Johnny Depp. Then I realize, nope, not that kind of pirate.

jenjen said...

Hi there! Thanks for comin gover and saying hi! What a great place you have here. I love it!

My friend gave me a really cool dinner table game. It's a square little deck of cards. Each card has a topic for dinner table conversation. I am trying help my kids develop good social skills. We will see how this does. It's been fun so far!

Have a super night!


Anonymous said...

I don't remember what I wanted to be. My son is almost 14 and for about the last 7 years he has wanted to drive trains. He's never changed his mind once.