Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome - VGNO

Hi all, this is my first time playing at VGNO! I am so looking forward to having all the drinks without the empty calories. In my dream world I will be drinking one of these. They are a lot of work in real life so much easier this way!

I know a lot of folks out there are still dealing with sorry! It seems like maybe (knock on wood) we will have sun, finally! This drink is the perfect light drink to sip by the pool, enjoy at a BBQ or heck mow the lawn with! It just works. Enjoy and happy weekend!

Cuban Mojito recipe

1 teaspoon powdered sugar
Juice from 1 lime (2 ounces)
4 mint leaves

1 sprig of mint
Havana Club white Rum (2 ounces)
2 ounces club soda

Place the mint leaves into a long mojito glass (often called a "collins" glass) and squeeze the juice from a cut lime over it. You'll want about two ounces of lime juice, so it may not require all of the juice from a single lime. Add the powdered sugar, then gently smash the mint into the lime juice and sugar with a muddler (a long wooden device pictured below, though you can also use the back of a fork or spoon if one isn't available). Add ice (preferably crushed) then add the rum and stir, and top off with the club soda (you can also stir the club soda in as per your taste). Garnish with a mint sprig.

Librarian Alter Ego

If your first name begins with letters A - E, your first name would be: Bubbles. Follow the chart to see what your Librarian's Alter Ego name is.
First Name=
A - E: Bubbles
F - J: Cookie
K - O: Pepper
P - T: Honey
U - Z: Pebbles

Last Name=
A - E: Featherbottom
F - J: Ivanabee-Queen
K - O: Rhea-Listik
P - T: Anitacocktail
U - Z: Mona-Lott

What is yours?

Look around, maybe you will like something you see...
My son wants to be a pirate...or something like that
I tend to cry for stupid reasons
I was blessed with twins
I have lustful thoughts about her
My daughter is the charitable sort, when it comes to the Disney Channel and Hobo's



Anonymous said...

I love the photo in your header. Your kids are so cute. And that mojito looks delicious!

Happy VGNO!

Elizabeth said...

I've never had a mojito before, but that sure looks pretty! Happy VGNO!

Holly said...

What beautiful children! Happy VGNO!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Hey Honey! Welcome to VGNO! That drink looks delicious. I just might have to really make one of those. I love mojito's. They always remind me of summer.

So Tina's coming to your party huh? Good choice, she'll keep your guests laughing...

Happy Friday and happy VGNO!

I am Harriet said...

I always wondered how to make those....

Happy VGNO!

Gladys said...

Yum Mojito! Love them.

I'm glad I saved all my carbs for tonight ;)

Happy VGNO

Anissa said...

Happy VGNO -- Passing by everyone to say hi while my little one is asleep -- he is still sick!

Love the drink! Welcome -- Hope you contiue to join us!

Shop with Me Mama said...

Your kids are adorable! Happy VGNO!

Martha (FL) said...

Happy VGNO. I do love me a mojito. Outback has one that really ROCKS!

Mandala Michelle said...

this in my first VGNO too. I think I started too late but I'll know better next time. And I LOVE mojitos!!!

ModernMom said...

HI there
This is my first VGNO too! I'm pretty sure I didn;t play quite right but I am getting around to see some great new blogs.
Have a happy night!

Opus #6 said...

That pic is beautiful. Happy VGNO!

Golfersmom said...

Your kids are adorable. That mojito looks wonderful.

Hit 40 said...

Great drink! I "volunteer" to serve liquor at a town festive. We go through about 240 economy bottles of mojito pouting it into cups! I have said that we should change the name of the event from Irish fest to Liquor fest!!!

Happy VGNO!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I smile everytime I come over here because of your header...LOVE it! :)

That mojito looks and sounds absolutely delicious!

Happy VGNO!

raquel roysdon said...

I've never had a mojito but I've seen lots of other people enjoying them, while I stick with the norm, margarita, martinis. One day Im going to try it. Happy VGNO!

Shannah said...

REally cute blog and lovely family! Happy VGNO!

Ali said...

Mmmm....Mojito! Yummers =) Have a great weekend and Happy VGNO from Bubbles Featherbottom

Lola said...

Stopping by for VGNO. Hope you have a great weekend!

rightonmom said...

Happy VGNO! I do love mojitos thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Happy VGNO! I just have to say...mojito's are good any time, anywhere! Love them!
So, my new name would appear to be:
Bubbles Anitacocktail! I like it!

JAN'S PLACE said...

I told you you would LOVE VGNO!!!

By the way, will you mix me up one of those tasty looking drinks????

me, Cookie Rhea-Listik!

Liz said...

Yummy You have a lovely blog. Happy VGNO

Erin said...

Mmm... nothing says Weekend like a Mojito on a breezy FL beach. Happy Vgno!

CoffeeJitters (Judy Haley) said...

mine is Cookie Ivanabee-Queen
happy Friday

Gena said...

One of the cutest blogs I've seen.

Native American Momma said...

Happy VGNO!

Robin said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! Mine is Honey Mona-Lott. LOL!
Off to check out the rest of your blog. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late! I'm such a party pooper!

That picture in your title is just precious!

arukind said...

Yummm, I love your mint mojitos!

Kat said...

Greetings from Pepper Anitacocktail! Hope you had a great VGNO!!