Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tamiflu anyone?

What a week, wouldn't ya say. Makes you wonder who above Obama pissed off. He got a war, a wacked econonmy and now a pandemic. Really, you could not make this stuff up if you tried. I know this because I have been sitting around thinking of something to write and nothing is nearly as intriguing as this pile of crap we are sitting in right now! 

I had the pleasure of working today in a large medical faciltity. Swabbing noses, passing out masks, wondering why in the heck you would come to the doctors office for a wart to be frozen off when the World Health Organization keeps saying "pandemic". I personally might wake up, listen to the radio and say...maybe next week I'll get this looked out. I think it does not take a degree in Rocket Science to think that all the sick people are going where? yup, that is right--the doctors office ya doorknob!

I am just a little nurse but really have a gripe with the news media. You would think AIDS suddenly was transmitted via casual contact and came with an automatic 7 day death sentence. People are freaking out! 

Calm down, wash your hands, avoid sick people if possible. Drink your fluids, get rest. Take care of yourself. We will get thru this. It will suck if you catch it. But rest assured most people will survive. Already in the US this year we have lost about 13,000 people to the plain old regular flu...13,000 people! Influenza A/H1N1 has claimed nothing even remotely close worldwide. 

Oh and I have one more request...

Leave them out of it! 

It is tough to be a pig 2009!

Don't even get me started on Egypts' solution to the problem.


Anonymous said...

Very clever Ms Tamis - truths with humor! I like it!
People are so funny, aren't they? As you said, the news media LOVES a good circus, and if there isn't one in town, hell...they'll provide it! (Why do they never provide popcorn with each performance?) And we, the audience, stare wide eyed, waiting for the lion to devour us! Wacky lot, us humans!
Great post. Going now to wash my hands. And to fid a cocoon to live in!

The Good Cook said...

Well said! The media is blowing this thing out of proportion. My brother in law called from Michigan to ask how we are dealing with the pandemic... huh? (we live in NJ and there have been cases in NYC)... And you're right - a war, an economy in the tank and now this. Who did Obama piss off?

Ali said...

And I bet they try to pin it on the Bush administration somehow....always trying to pass the blame! lol! Poor piggies, its not their fault! And I was just wondering about how many people have died from the regular flu myself, thanks for posting that. I had a feeling... ;-) And probably once people are exposed to the Swine flu and recover, they will have more resistance to it for in the future. Or we could just build a huge bubble around the U.S....isn't that what government is for? o_O

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I agree it's media-led hype. I picked up an extra travel size Purrell the other day - we're still going to Disney World this week anyway! :-)

JAN'S PLACE said...

I am sorry, but now that you have been exposed, I cannot see you for 6 days...after all I must be careful, and now that you have swabbed the noses of those Swine flu victims, well, I am not ready to keel over dead in 5 days.. sorry, I will see you next week, when your quarantine ends!

Oh wait, aren't we supposed to go to that party tomorrow night with you? Never mind.. I will quarantine you later..see you soon, love Mom!

Liz said...

we just have to be careful but go on and live a life. One thing for sure we dont have to worry when we are AT blog party. HAPPY VGNO

Suburbia Steph said...

I hate that I've actually been sick this week with respiratory issues & jacktards are all "you have the swine flu"??? Dummasses!

What is really ridiculous are the people avoiding consuming pork for fearing they may catch it from some ribs, pork chop or bacon. They've been closing entire school districts around here in Dallas/Ft. Worth - it's crayzay!

GinSpaghetti said...

I work in public health... oh it's been fun this past week!! ;) Your kids are so cute! I'm a couple days late from VGNO, ahh!

Debbie said...

At least the hysteria appears to be slowing fading. Poor little piggies.

Anonymous said...


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